New 60000 internships program from Govt of Pakistan

Government have started a huge internship program for the youth all across the country. The internship program is called Ba-Ikhtiyar Nojawan Internship Program (BNIP). BNIP aims to provide internships to the 60,000 graduates all across the country. BNIP is aimed to give the work experience to youth, who have just done certificate, degree or diploma. They will get a chance to work in real organizations, both govt and private sector, they will learn work ethics, skills and obviously they will gain experience. Also, after their resumes (CVs) will reflect this experience, their job acceptability will increase.

BNIP will have two sub-components. The Build-for-Skills Internship Program (BSIP) and ‘Work-for-Skills Internship Program (WSIP). Under the BSIP components interns will be placed in PSDP projects however under WSIP component of the internship program, interns will be given internships in the development, private and public sectors. Anyone willing to get internship can apply to both and they will be placed in one of them.

The duration of Internship under BNIP will range from six months to 1 year. It will be a paid internship program and you will be paid stipend starting from 25000 up to 40000, based on where you are placed and what education and or skills you already have.

Eligibility Criteria

In order apply and get accepted to BNIP following is the eligibility criteria

  • You must be at most 30 years old or younger
  • You must have a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or higher either from a HEC recognized university in Pakistan or a university in abroad

How to Apply

You can apply for the Ba-Ikhtiyar Nojawan Internship Program (BNIP) from the official website of the program, which is Also, remember that the deadline to apply for the program was April 11, 2023 but now it has been extended to April 30, 2023. So you do not have enough time left. Make sure you apply for both WSIP and BSIP, you will have better chance of getting selected. Selection will be based on your education as well as where the internships are left.

After you goto website given above, you will need to register first by clicking the register menu from the top and filling the required details. Then you will need to verify your email, then login to the website to complete the process by filling in further forms and applying for one or both of the components of internship program.

How to contact BNIP?

The BNIP is managed and run by the Ministry of Planning and Development Pakistan, they have given following contact information for anyone with a query or a concern.

Phone: 051-9209442
Address: Ministry of Planning and development, ‘P’ block Pakistan Secretariat, Islamabad

You can also contact using the Complaint/Query form on the BNIP website, to which a link is given in above, how to apply, section.

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