Mobilink takes down registrations for prepaid users on its e-care portal immediately after launching the service

While browsing the web I came across an attractive ad about Mobilink. Ad featured their new logo as well as mentioned of their new services they launched. Being their customer it got me excited and I followed the link. After reaching the target site I found a whole new look which was refreshing, what made me excited was their new feature for prepaid customers which was offering a signup for them. This meant that now I will probably enable more control over the usage specially the call records will be available. So I immediately gone for registration form and started feeding the required information. As soon as I hit registration a message came and surprised me and it was some thing like “System is undergoing maintenance and we can’t accept anymore subscriptions”, you can see the following screen shot and I will continue on the topic.


The point is why don’t organizations, specially in Pakistan, launch their systems when they are fully functional. I mean for a company so matured like Mobilink its really odd having such kind of behavior. They launched their system, probably offered few customers to make an account and then they took down the system for maintenance. Mobilink claims that they have customer base of more than 30 million in Pakistan, so before taking the system online they would have at least thought to make system capable enough to handle a million registrations initially.

By the way, I hope that system goes back up soon and serves the people as it is meant to do. Also, I hope the giants like Mobilink start to learn from their mistakes and launch, specially advertise their services after they are fully functional.

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