Islamabad Traffic Violation Fines in Detail, imposed by Islamabad Traffic Police

Currently following fines are being imposed by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on anyone driving/using the roads of Islamabad city for the traffic violations listed below.

  1.  Exceeding prescribed Speed Limit (Rs. 200)
  2. Carrying Passengers in public service vehicle exceeding permissible limits (Rs. 200)
  3. Violation of manual traffic signals (Rs. 200)
  4. Disobeying traffic signals
    1. Amber Flashing (Rs. 100)
    2. Red Thinking (Rs. 200)
    3. Red Light (Rs. 500)
  5. Overloading by public transport (Good Carrier) (Rs. 300)
  6. Driving a vehicle exceeding prescribed weight limits or overloading of goods 15% in excess of Limits (Rs. 500)
  7. Overloading of passengers 30% in excess of permissible limits (Rs. 200)
  8. Overloading where prohibited (Goods) (Rs. 300)
  9. Overtaking where prohibited (Rs. 200)
  10. Failure to yield the right of way to other vehicles (Rs. 100)
  11. Obstructing movement of emergency vehicles (Rs. 300)
  12. Loading in excess of restriction of dimension of goods (Rs. 300)
  13. Driving at night without proper light (Rs. 300)
  14. Driving at the wrong side of the road (Rs. 400)
  15. Improper crossing on railway track (Rs. 200)
  16. Following too closely or cutting too sharply (Rs. 200)
  17. Driving with tinted or covered glasses abstracting visibility from within the vehicles (Rs. 300)
  18. Jumping Traffic Queue (Rs. 200)
  19. Failing to dip headlight for other traffic (Rs. 200)
    1. Driving any vehicle at night on high beams or using dazzling light / powerful lamps (Rs. 200)
  20. Driving wrong way in one way street (Rs. 300)
  21. Using turns indicator for any other purpose other than those prescribed (Rs. 200)
  22. Playing where prohibited (Rs. 100)
  23. Improper loading of goods or improperly loaded goods (Rs. 300)
  24. Failing to observe lighting hours (Rs. 100)
  25. Obstructing traffic (Rs. 300)
  26. Failure to observe slow sign (Rs. 100)
  27. Riding motorcycle without safety helmet (Rs. 100)
  28. Failure to stop for a school bus (Rs. 100)
  29. Turning where prohibited (Rs. 200)
  30. Failure to protect learning driver (Rs. 200)
  31. Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian (Rs. 200)
  32. Reckless and negligent driving (Rs. 500)
  33. Careless Driving (Rs. 200)
  34. Driving without driving license (Rs. 500)
  35. Driving an unregistered vehicle (Rs. 200)
  36. Driving motor vehicle without insurance coverage (Rs. 100)
  37. Driving a transport vehicle without, or with a defective speedometer (Rs. 200)
  38. Carrying passengers in dangerous position in transport vehicle (Rs. 400)
  39. Improper turning (Turn from wrong lane) (Rs. 100)
  40. Improper lane usage (lane violence) (Rs. 300)
  41. Blowing horns in silence zone (Rs. 200)
  42. Improper U-Turn (Rs. 100)
  43. Failing to stop when required by traffic police (Rs. 300)
  44. Driving without fitness certificate (Rs. 500)
  45. Using pressure of musical horns (Rs. 300)
  46. Driving Public Service Vehicle (PSV) without permit (Rs. 500)
  47. Misbehaving with passengers (Only on complaint: Rs. 300)
  48. Driving in violation of rules or laws not otherwise provided (Rs. 300)
    1. Driving any vehicle without fastening seat belt by the driver and front seat passenger (Rs. 300)
    2. Using hand held mobile phone while driving for voice calls, text messages or videoing
  49. Smoke emitting vehicles (Rs. 500)
  50. Underage driving (Rs. 500)
  51. Repeating the same violation (Rs. 500)
  52. Abutment of above violation (Rs. 500)
  53. Violation of red light by cyclist (Rs. 500)
  54. Driving when disqualified (Rs. 500)
  55. Altering a license or using an altered / forged license (Rs. 500)
  56. Driving a transport vehicle without obtaining a license or with a license which is defective or without a license applicable to vehicle driven (Rs. 500)
  57. Taking part in an unauthorized Race or Trial or Speed (Rs. 500)
  58. Driving when mentally or Physically unfit to drive or under influence of drug or alcohol. (Rs. 500)
  59. Repeating the same violations (Rs. 500)

Parking Violations

  1. More than 0.5 Meters from the kerb (Rs. 200)
  2. Parking on side walk (Rs.200)
  3. Less than 0.5 meter from another car (Rs. 200)
  4. Parking on Zebra Crossing (Rs. 300)
  5. Less than 3 meters from fire hydrant (Rs 200)
  6. Less than 10 meters from stop sign (Rs. 200)
  7. Less than 10 meters from intersection (Rs. 300)
  8. Parking in a ‘No Parking’ zone (Rs. 300)
  9. Parking in front of entrance of premises (Rs. 300)
  10. Parking on a bus stop (Rs. 200)
  11. Parking on a bridge (Rs. 300)
  12. Parking on Foot-path (Rs. 200)

The violation details and their fines were re-shared here to the best of our knowledge. In case we have missed something or in case of any mistake, do point it out using comments below.

Also share your opinions on these violations and their respective fines, in the comments section below.

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