Islamabad Traffic Violation Fines in Detail, imposed by Islamabad Traffic Police

Currently following fines are being imposed by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on anyone driving/using the roads of Islamabad city for the traffic violations listed below. ¬†Exceeding prescribed Speed Limit (Rs. 200) Carrying Passengers in public service vehicle exceeding permissible limits (Rs. 200) Violation of manual traffic signals (Rs. 200) Disobeying traffic signals Amber Flashing (Rs. 100) Red Thinking (Rs. 200) Red Light (Rs. 500) Overloading by public transport (Good Carrier) (Rs. 300) Driving a vehicle exceeding prescribed weight limits or overloading of goods 15% in excess of Limits (Rs. 500) Overloading of passengers 30% in excess of permissible limits (Rs. 200) Overloading where prohibited (Goods) (Rs. 300) Overtaking where prohibited (Rs. 200) Failure to yield the right of way to […]