Imran Khan Concludes his Telethons with more than 13.5 Billion Rs Pledged for Flood Affectees

PTI Chairman Imran Khan concluded his three telethons, with third one today. Total more than Rs. 13.5 billion Rupees amount was pledged. First and Second telethons resulted in 5 billion Rs. pledge in each telethon and on time of conclusion of third telethon 3.5 billion Rupees were pledged, making the total 13.5 billion.

According to Imran Khan, he only does one telethon at a time for any cause but keeping in view the vast devastation of floods and situation of affectees he have done three for this purpose. Third one is the last for now. You can still transfer any amounts to help flood affectees in bank accounts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt, which are mentioned in image below.

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