A massive fire broke out in itwar bazaar Islamabad

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The huge fire broke out in the Sunday market of Islamabad. This incident happened in the clothing and hosiery section of the Sunday market which was situated at Sector H-9. More than 90 shops and stalls got the huge fire.

This fire turned out into the huge black smoke but luckily no casualties were found due to this incident. The rescue teams and firefighters got on the spot and gave the first aid to the injured people. It has been observed that the fire started from the clothing area which was in E and F section of bazaar and there were more than 200 stalls of clothes, shoes, garments, and hosiery there side by side.

The clothes got the fire from one by one and turned into huge fire. The Sunday bazar operates three days a week including Sunday, Tuesday and Friday and this incident happened on Tuesday. According to the report, the fire erupted due to the explosion of the generator into a clothes shop at around 1 pm.

The recuse operation continued for hours and the black smoke which could be seen from long distance made the people gathered there. There was the heavy traffic jam on Kashmir highway. All goods and belongings of shopkeepers got burned and they faced the huge losses due to this fire. After that, shopkeepers protested against the administration of the market and complaint about the lack of facilities.

The emergency and Disaster Management Unit recommended the administration of Bazaar to put underground water tank to rescue such incidents at a time. Moreover, firefighting staff should also be there in the market timing. The shopkeepers put garbage near the shop and the fire team assumed that the garbage got the fire immediately and turned into the massive fire.

This article was written by staff member: Sehrish Ilyas

Helpless flood victims of Pakistan still hopping for government to release even the funds collected last year

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In Pakistan in the monsoon season 2011 have already claimed the 250 victims after the countrywide floods hit the different areas due to heavy rains. Its going on from quite some time but first government didn’t responded to the floods in timely manner and now they have all of sudden called for the $365 million USD International assistance. However, as per Dawn News Reports government had already raised theĀ  Rs. 5 billion last year to help flood victims but they have still not released those funds.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is already making its efforts but government is still reluctant to release funds. According to dawn news source mentioned above, Gen (retd) Nadeem Ahmed who happens to be the former NDMA chairman have confirmed the government’s decision makers have already been told about theĀ  Rs. 5 billion donations money just lying but they still have not released it.

Already 8 million people have been effected by these rains and even 250 died. All these victims are still waiting for the help but still help don’t seem to be coming for them yet. Definitely not from the government of Pakistan which is run by Peoples Party of Pakistan in supervision of Asif Ali Zardari.

NDMA already claimed that government have delayed any calls for help and also they did not yet released any funds they have distributed some 150 thousand tents, 150 thousand water treatment pills, two water treatment plants and 60 thousand mosquito tent in affected areas at their own with previously available funds.

But still what NDMA have done for the flood victims is very less in comparison to the what is supposed to be done. The 150,000 figures of help by NDMA just make under 2% of people the effected 8 million people who are still waiting for the help to come.

Government run by peoples party is clearly earning a bad name for themselves by just treating or reaching out people under just 2% of all those are effected by the floods. Even when they have resources at hand, all of them would have been used to help save lives and rescue those 8 million souls still waiting for help.

Irony is that same people pay taxes and do whatever they need to do to contribute in countries economy but when they are in need no one – specially government – don’t bother reaching them.

The concerned department now really need to take big steps to get control of situation now,first the enough funds need to be released, then the people are needed to be reached and treated/rescued. Government must have already had emergency like situation to help 8 million helpless victims but no one bothered. Still this is the time to make things right and reach out the 8 million victims of floods due to heavy rains in monsoon season 2011.

People and NGOs can also contribute to the process at their own by reaching out people in effected areas and do whatever they can for the affected people.

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Earth Quake shakes the northern Pakistan

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About at 7:48 am 24 Jan 2011 an earth quake shaken the northern Pakistan. Cities include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Attock, Malakund as well as Khyber agency. According to initial information on Rector Scale the magnitude of this earth quake was 6.3.

The epicenter of Quake is told near chitral in the country of Tajikistan and the depth was 69 KMs. With the shallow depth the Quake can be much more destructive.

In 2005 an earth quake in same region had taken lives of thousands in Pakistan and lots more were forced to flee. That Earth quake was of shallow depth with 7.3 at rector scale. Few days ago the southern Pakistan witnessed an Earth Quake of 7.4. This was entirely different part of the country.