Eye to Eye Singer Tahir Shah makes a comeback with new song called Angel

Eye to Eye was the most hilarious and very much famous song which a Pakistani so called singer tried to sing. Everything about this song was a joke from lyrics to execution and specially singing. But same qualities had made this song very popular and Tahir Shah had gained some tv appearances. Now Tahir Shah have made a comeback with his new song called angel, which shares the same qualities. It have got funny lyrics which are not funny by intention of the singer. Again same unique and different singing voice of Tahir Shah which definitely have got the tendency to hurt your ears badly. This new video called angel which is just released, adds to the chaos by adding […]

Eye to Eye of Tahir Shah Sets a New World Record and Wins Gold Medal

Eye to Eye was a song from an amateur, unknown Pakistani wannabe singer “Tahir Shah”. Several months ago after Tahir Shah had uploaded his song on a video sharing website, it just instantly gone viral on social media. It went viral NOT because it was a good song but because it was a worst song ever. Almost everyone online just shared this song and soon it became a phenomenon. Not only this soon all this buzz hit TV and many television channels invited and interviewed the singer of this Eye to Eye song, which really is NOT music to human ears. Most recently song have made its way to United Kingdom (UK) in a big manner. It is awarded by […]