Day Light Saving saved about estimated 48750 megawatts of Power

Day Light Saving in Pakistan saved Lots of PowerDay Light Saving (DLS) time which was took in place on April 2009 by government actually saved about 250 megawatts of power daily. This rough estimate was provided by the ministry of water and power. Officials also told that one megawatt of power cost about 1 million dollar. So this way this day light saving strategy  saved about estimated 48750 million dollars this year.

Day Light Saving was took in place on 15th of April 2009 and lost till yesterday the 31st October, 2009 midnight when clocks all over the world were moved back by one hour. Seeing the amount of energy saved by putting in Day Light Saving time it have been decided that this practice will now be repeated every year to take full advantage of natural light. Let me remind you that this practice was first time introduced in 2002 in Pakistan but soon declared as the flop one. Then in many following years this was discontinued.

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