Clocks across the country back to normal time

From DLS to Normal TimeGovernment of Pakistan had introduced the Day Light Saving (DLS) time back in April 15, 09 for this year to overcome the prevailing power shortage. Now after six and half months after the DLS time was introduced the clocks all over the country are now back to normal time. As in winter sun rise timings are much different so in compared to sun rise the students and the people at many job had now to get up even before the sunrise, so as time moved back to normal it will be big relief.

Day Light Saving time is not very much an old concept for this country. It was introduced few years ago for the first time but was very much opposed by the people and also at that time stats showed that it actually caused loss of more energy that year, so was discontinued for many years. But now again its continued and this time it saved lots of power and is a good concept. Most countries all over the world adopt the Day Light Saving time to save the energy every year.

Day Light Saving must be continued and it will probably be continued every year to use more of natural energy. This not only ease the local power consumption but also in turn reduces the carbon which is being thrown to the environment. So Day Light Saving is indeed environment friendly stuff helping us to keep the earth green.

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