Troubles of Carrying Around Plastic Money in Pakistan

If you are not aware, Credit and Debit cards or even Prepaid Visa or Master Cards, they all are called the plastic money. As All you need to do is carry around those plastic cards and just swipe or get swiped your plastic card at checkout. Normally, these plastic cards are very convenient, no matter how big transaction you have make, you does not need to carry around few bundles of cash. Or even in daily life you just don’t need to carry much cash in your wallet as you just have a plastic card to make payment. These cards are now very common in Pakistan too. Anyone with a bank account have a visa or MasterCard backed debit card […]

Methods to Pay on Facebook from Pakistan

Its now many years that Pakistan banks are offering Debits and Specially credit cards which are mostly backed with global names like Visa or Master Card. Most of them can be used here in Pakistan on POS terminals, they do work online as well but there are huge limitations when people try to use these cards online. Specially with debit cards, no doubt they features Visa or Master Card logos but most of Pakistani bank except few exceptions don’t allow their usage online. The case of Credit Cards is bit different most Pakistani banks allow usage of their credit cards online but again there are limitation or bans from specific websites which would not accept a specific card from specific […]

PEPCO unable to recover Rs 63 billion dues from last year

Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) was unable to the recover Rs 62.9 billion Rs last year against amounts which were billed to its consumers. This amount added to the circular dept and will have an impact on the electricity consumers who actually pay their dues regularly. Such unpaid dept contribute to the devalue an organization and such thing happened in financial year 2010-2o11. PEPCO was able to make some old recoveries but this Rs 63 billion of un-recovered amount is finally going to impact the household consumers of electricity, who are already mostly paying their bills regularly. Circular Dept and line losses are the biggest problems of PEPCO which ultimately contribute to the increasing load-shedding which electricity consumers have to […]

Paypal’s availability in Pakistan

Paypal is an online merchant, an e-commerce network help people in paying each other online and withdraw money to their bank accounts. It is very easy to use and can be easily integrated with websites and also can be used by professional. Now this network is most widely used in the world and no other even come closer. Problem is Paypal still need to list Pakistan in the list of countries who can use this service. Pakistanis now suffering much from it. For IT services online most people like to pay professionals via paypal but due to they didn”t contracted with Government of Pakistan and also Government of Pakistan done no effort in this regard Pakistan is missing lots of […]