Federal Board to start announcing board exams results in grading system instead of marks

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has decided to start announcing the board exam results in a newly introduced grading system, instead of absolute marks. According to their notification, this have been done to stop the culture of race for marks. This will be implemented ultimately for all board exams including the matric exams (9th & 10th) and the intermediate exams (11th and 12th) held under supervision of FBISE. However, from year 2023 it will only be implemented for the board exam results of 9th and 11th classes. Moreover, it will be implemented for the 10th and 12th classes from year 2024. So for the classes for which this is being implemented in 2023 and 2024, the result […]

Federal Board increased the passing marks percentage for matric and inter

This is not a most recent change, however, many of you may be unaware of the fact that back in the January 2023 Federal board had notified a change in the passing marks for Matric (SSC) and Intermediate (HSSC) exams. According to the notified change, in all subjects, students will need to get 40% marks to pass the subject, instead of previous 33% marks, which were enough to pass a subject. Notification by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) included a simple one line of text which is as follows. It is notified for information of all concerned that FBISE has increased the pass percentage from 33% to 40% at SSC and HSSC levels. Notification from FBISE dated […]

Youm-e-Ali Holiday announced in the Sindh Province

Youm-e-Ali is observed on 21st of Ramadan. Processions and gatherings are seen all across the country to remember they martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA). Sindh Government have announced this year’s Youm-e-Ali as a holiday in all educational institutions in Sindh. This includes all schools, collages and other kind of educational institutes. A Sindh government special meeting decided that the public as well as private sector schools, colleges, universities and other kind of educational institutes will remain closed on April 12, 2023 for Youm-e-Ali (21st Ramadan, 1444). A notification was issued in this regard on April 7, 2023 by the government of Sindh College Education Department. Notification reiterated that the April 12, 2023 will be a holiday in educational institutions of […]

Important tips for Exams Preparation for getting High Grades

As exams are going to start, this is the time for students to reinforce all syllabus. Students need to practice special techniques to cover the course before examination for getting better grades even if they have not prepared so far. This is very important to make a good plan and work hard to achieve study goals each day. First of all, students should start by changing their behavior, spending most of their time for studies and cut all extra indoor as well as outdoor activities. There are a number of activities that help students to sit in the examination hall with confidence. If students try to practice the given planning criteria it will ensure the success in the annual examination […]

School and College holidays in Pakistan for the year 2023

The duration of the academic year in Pakistani schools is from August to May in the certain private schools and colleges. However, there is much of difference in starting and ending dates of Government and public sector schools. In government schools and many other private schools and colleges, the new session starts from April 1 and goes on to next March. Where the results of students is usually announced on the 31st March. Different provincial schools and colleges may use different schedule for the starting and ending of session. The full academic year is nine months including the summer, winter and spring breaks. There are usually two weekly holiday in most of schools and colleges, Saturday and Sunday. However, some […]