Bloggers from Pakistan where is the bright side

I have been an active Internet surfer from long time ago, so have been monitoring the bloggers from Pakistan from long time. In fact their role was very much good in pointing out the evils of society. Bloggers even came forward and presented the stories which were avoided by media in fear of losing their financial gains or liberty to operate.

I see lots of positive criticism on the Pakistani blogs, specially the one which is related to politics, I also see posts which point out the evils of society and I also see the pictures which depict something which is happening wrong somewhere. I know this all content on Pakistani blogs is intended for good, intended to correct the things and I am perfectly good with this.

But the problem kicks in when I notice that the goods of society are no more depicted or presented on blogs. Everyone tries to change the world by pointing out the evils but not one or less of people come up with a post which is showing a good part of society.When I am saying this all I am also including myself in this. The point is that I have to grab the attention of fellow bloggers to letting the world know about the good part of Pakistani society.

By good part I mean the care we people still have for each other, by good part I mean “when an accident happens on a highway, people think nothing but rush in to help”, by good part I mean “when on some highway or a city road a vehicle gets stuck, you will see a number of people who are available to help you out” and these were two very basic examples our society have lots much good to offer. Where is that content, show me that content, show me those pictures and videos.

A person living in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad or any other city or village of this country does not need any online content, photo or video to know these good things but the people who are outside of this country do need this stuff. Even the negatives are posted to take the things on correct path, but the international web user is always getting the negative content about this content, what would be his/her thoughts and feeling about people of Pakistan.

So my point is that to have the balance, we have to redesign ourselves to offer the content which is already based on positive stuff in the society with obviously not giving up on pointing out the evils.

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