Ban on Facebook in Pakistan, right or wrong?

Facebook is banned in PakistanOne would say why are we even talking about the ban being right or wrong when Facebook proved to be racist in matter of removing the draw day. Making one thing clear here, Facebook guys remove any page with more than 10,000 fans on just 700 terms of use violation requests against it, but this was not the case about the page which was setup to hold that blasphemes cartoons contest.

Coming back to the original topic, why are we even thinking on the ban being right or wrong, most would say it right because of the Facebook’s resist behavior in this matter. But there are people  who are not in support of this ban, they think that the URLs where such kind of content is added must be blocked but not the whole Facebook site. Well for their information the ban is not here to prevent the people of Pakistan from seeing such kind of content –  which they will not see even is not blocked – the ban is here in the first place to send a message to Facebook or any such websites that if you will come up with any resist behavior for us, we then do not need to even use your sites, can live very much without them.

There are people who were in favor of Ban on Facebook from day one, they speaked out many different ways, some recorded their protest via online posts and tweets and there were others who came in with peaceful protests on they city roads of all major cities and towns of Pakistan. This all led to the Ban order on Facebook by Lahore High Court, which is implemented countrywide for good.

What we have discussed above is the first extreme, now there are other people from Pakistan who are completely against the ban. Well they are not only against the ban, some of them have officially got recorded their protest against the ban and speaked up against it. One such example is this press conference against the ban on Facebook in Pakistan which appeared on Awab Alvi’s blog who is a well known and popular blogger from Pakistan.

Awab Alvi: While we recognize that sites on the Internet are used to spew hatred and incite violence, we steadfastly believe that governments have no right to control access to information. We believe that every citizen has an inalienable right to freely access information and by censoring Facebook, the Government of Pakistan has taken away that right

Well I will second that opinion, this time the demand for ban was initiated from the people of Pakistan, not from the government or the judiciary of Pakistan. Most of Pakistanis still stand by this decision and hope for a ban until Facebook realizes that they are doing something which is not liked by billions of people worldwide and that is the racism which came forward in matter of Draw day.

I have listened people saying where Facebook have 400 million users from world wide how stopping access of just 2 million or so users from Pakistan is going to hurt Facebook. First thing we are making it clear to the world that no such religious racism will be tolerated by Pakistanis and secondly its definitely going to hurt Facebook if they are to continue such dual behavior. Facebook is ranked two in world websites ranking and the fight for the number one slot is on, such behaviors are cost Facebook to be pushed back to number three or four instead of making it to the number one slot.

Finally we will boycott any website which shows the tolerance for the content  which hurts the feelings of believers of any religion. Religion is the personal matter of any being living on planet earth and if you are heating the feelings of believers of any religion, weather its Islam or any other religion, you have no right to be called a civilized human being and nations who show tolerances for such content are not civilized nations at all.

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3 thoughts on “Ban on Facebook in Pakistan, right or wrong?

  1. very nice article thanks for sharing i totally agree with you i think its great decision by LHC and PTA banning face-book.those who are saying that banning wont help need to
    think a little.well we Muslims are about 47% of face-book users and we have been asking face-book to
    stop this event but face-book was just ignoring us. If we unite and leave face-book all at once face-book
    looses 47% of its users. with this i think next time something like this event happens face-book will
    listen to us and will give importance to our beliefs.
    we always been ignoring them they attact iraq afghanistan palestine aifa siddiqui etc but this time they have crossed the limit and no muslim should ignore this i’m really proud that Pakistan is the only country took this step
    proud to be Pakistani Pakistan Zindabad!!

  2. I think u are right khurram , the ban is not to stop people accesing that link but to show our love for prophetMohammad PBUH. I think all the muslims should stop using it

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