PTA fails to keep people informed about banned and unbanned websites

It is 30th may today and the last update on PTA’s website about the blocked websites was on 2oth of may. They even didn’t even mentioned any other blocked websites other than the Facebook and Youtube on their website. Hundreds of URLs were blocked and some of websites like Facebook , wikipedia, youtube and many more had faced blanket ban but PTA never mentioned about these banned websites on their website. Youtube is already unblocked few days ago but still no update about that on their website. Whats more important is Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) never published the details of blocked websites over the internet nor they have updated people about when certain websites are being banned or unbanned. It […]

Proxy websites blocked in Pakistan, Whats the point?

In connection with the issue of blasphemous violent content, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked many websites and many people including me supported this decision of PTA. Banning the websites in Pakistan should have not mainly to prevent local people from accessing the blasphemous content but to make a statement to sites that your racism regarding the religion will not be accepted. Considering the fact that Pakistan is an Islamic state and people at least have love for prophet Muhammad, no one would be willing to see that blasphemous content. But unfortunately PTA took things here differently, they gone few steps further and also blocked the proxy website. Chairman PTA: We have blocked a number of sites having the blasphemous content […]

Ban on Facebook in Pakistan, right or wrong?

One would say why are we even talking about the ban being right or wrong when Facebook proved to be racist in matter of removing the draw day. Making one thing clear here, Facebook guys remove any page with more than 10,000 fans on just 700 terms of use violation requests against it, but this was not the case about the page which was setup to hold that blasphemes cartoons contest. Coming back to the original topic, why are we even thinking on the ban being right or wrong, most would say it right because of the Facebook’s resist behavior in this matter. But there are peopleĀ  who are not in support of this ban, they think that the URLs […]