PML-N calls on accountibility of Musharaf

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As on Friday a decision came in favor of former Primer Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding the plane hijack case. With this former President Musharaf remains with no Justifications of what he have done. Reminding that being an army chief he had taken over the government on base of that plane hijack case and was elected President afterward via referendum.

Now after the decision came from the Supreme court in favour of ‘Nawaz’, his political party’s spokesman ‘Saddiqul Farooq’ announced that they will make every effort to hold the former president accountable for what ever he done on that base of that fake ‘Plane Hijack case’.

Karachi two bridges collapsed, rains death toll rises to 33

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rain-in-karachiWater from down pour washes out two bridges in the city of Karachi, with this the overall death toll rises to 33 people. Also 70 people injured in different mishaps in the city.  Some people were killed when they were electrocutes in the lines areas, four people died in different areas due to wall collapses, a house collapse in one area killed few people.

The bridges were collapsed in two areas one in Hawks Bay and second one near Airport. The Hawks Bay bridge also disturbed the traffic very much. Also several areas of city are in total darkness due to unavailability of electricity.

Karachi death toll rises to 26 people, power outage also continues

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rain-in-karachiUntil now 205mm rain is observed in some areas of Karachi, which caused further floods and in some related incidents more people died. Also things worsen due to the power outage in the city of Karachi. Karachi have been filled with water and full of darkness due to the rain and power outage. In lots of areas once again power is restored but still more areas are without power.

In some areas using small power generators and motors water is being thrown out. Still the season’s first rain have bring big miseries for the citizens of Karachi and power outage added the injury to them. In 1977 about 207 mm rain was recorded and now after decades rain of 205 mm kills 26 people. If weather doesn’t change in a while, condition may much more worsen for citizens of the city.

Plane hijack case, supreme court decision comes in favor of nawaz

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Eight years back, army chief of the time Musharaf had claimed that prime minister had hijacked the plane denying access to any airport in Pakistan for landing. Musharaf himself was traveling in that plane. Soon in an hour Pakistan army had got control of everything and the Army chief musharaf turned into the chief executive of Pakistan.

Soon after an anti-terrorism court in karachi had charged Nawaz Sharif with “plane hijacking” and decided the life penalty for him. Nawaz was soon deported from his own country via deal between Nawaz and the government.

Now after coming back to country after 8 years when nawaz submitted the petition again the plane hijack case, supreme court of Pakistan does not find him guilty of the act and decision comes in his favour.

Rain in karachi and hyderabad kills 18

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Rain in karachi

In Karachi and Hyderabad first rain was observed. The rain was 84 mm in some area and was recorded as 24 millimeters in others. After the rain these cities seem drowned in the water. Due to having the bad infrastructure in these cities 18 people were killed due to this rain. More then 50 were injured.

Also in many areas for hours electricity was not there due to several KESC links going down. First time electricity was restored after 4 hours but then next time electricity gone down again and didn’t restored even after 14 hours. Rain was continued about more than 36 hours, flooding the low-lying areas of the cities.

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