Shahid Khaqan Abbasi finally gets a Go Ahead to Contest General Elections 2018 from NA-57 Murree by Lahore High Court

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As general elections are making way, to be happened by 25th of July as expected. Politicians have started submitting their nomination papers from different constituencies, some have decided to contest from their respective belonging constituencies and some have planned to avail their prominence by contesting from different constituencies like Imran Khan, Shahbaz Shareef, Bilawal Bhutto etc did.

The LHC (Lahore high court) on Friday allows Shahid Khan abbasi to conest from his home constituency of NA-57, Murree. The written verdict of the court says that the Abbasi doesn’t meet the requirement under the article 62 (F) (1) of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The two member bench headed by Justice Mazhar Ali Naqvi accepted Abbasi’s appeal against the election tribunal decision for disqualifying him for life. On Thursday, the appellate tribunal found Shahid Khaqan Abbasi guilty for concealing facts in his nomination forms submitted for the constituency. He was disqualified under the banner of article 62 (F)(1).

During the submissions of nomination papers many politicians have faced the trial under article 62(1)(f) sometime their opponents took them to courts, sometime appellate tribunal rejected itself. Some of the Politicians who faced the trial in the recent time including Imran Khan, Jhangeer tareen, Sheikh Rasheed, and Khuwaja Asif. However, all three of them excluding Jhangeer tareen were lucky enough to regain their position where PTI member faces disqualification for life by Supreme Court of Pakistan a few months ago.

While talking to media after court’s verdict former prime minister expresses his tension over the fuss created by appellate courts across the country. He said tribunal court has no authority to disqualify any person for life. My father purchased house back in 1974 and he had mentioned the price of purchase in nomination form and appellate court made the decision on the marketing value of the house, he added.

While later in the evening, he appeared in program of a TV channel to discuss about the issue. He had questioned the law under which the verdict had been announced.

“Election commission and Supreme judicial Council should take notice of making the election controversial” he remarked.

This article was written by Staff Member: Mahad Gujjar

There Should be Age Restriction for Election Contestants for MNA and MPA

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In Pakistan for most government organizations and departments, there is a restriction of age until which one is allowed to serve. This age is mostly the 60 years old, after which the employee is forced to retire even if he/she is not willing to do so. This age is mostly set by keeping in view the energies of a person, as with ageing its bit difficult to perform daily life tasks required by job, so for good of both, the organization and the employee, they are sent home on that specific age.

Authority which Organizes Elections in Pakistan

Similar, being an MPA (Member Provincial Assembly) and MNA (Member National Assembly) are demanding jobs. They ask for lots of travel, thinking and collaboration to analyze and upgrade the existing laws. Plus in country like Pakistan, where there is no concept of local government, in fact the politician delay those kind of elections to keep control of city administrations and funds etc, its important that they have enough energy left in them to meet the demands of busy schedule and actively working for people.

Not necessarily the age should be 60 at max but it could be something like 65 or even 70. But something to which, one have enough energies to perform, daily tasks of the job easily. But here I had heard a lady having age more than 100 years, was considering filing papers to fight in MNA elections. Also she have been doing this from last few times in General elections. Similarly, most of our current politicians are the ones over 60 year old, specially the main ones, who will run the country and ministries.

Bringing in the younger people on Important posts will mean, that they will use the best of their latest knowledge, they will concentrate more on steps needed to advance the country in technical fields like more importantly in cyber technologies and space technologies. Along with this I suggest having the minimum and related education criteria for ministries, specially which are related to technology.

Two PAF Pilots lose their life due to a fighter jet crash in peshawar

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Two pilots of Pakistan Air Force died in aircraft crash during a routine training session on Tuesday at Peshawar. This incident happened on Peshawar Air Base when a Wing Commander Umar and a Flying Officer Israr were returning back to the Air Base from routine training and the Aircraft crashed and the news has confirmed by the PAF officials.

“Pakistan Air Force reports with regret that a PAF FT-7PG trainer aircraft while recovering from a routine operational training mission, crashed during landing at Peshawar Air Base,” PAF released statement.

This has happened while trying to save the lives of civilians, the plane was calling for an emergency landing on the AIR Base and right after that some technical fault caused the crash. According to the PAF news, that control tower allowed for an emergency landing and cleared the runway but it got unfortunately crashed before landing.

The aircraft got the fire and there was smoke all around and could be seen from long distance. This unfortunate incident happened in F7-PGs which has been replaced with F-6 in 2002. The rescue team immediately controlled the situation and cleared the runway. PAF has also announced to investigate the whole situation of this incident and formed the inquiry board. PAF is currently investigating the cause of this incident and the exact technical fault of the aircraft.

This article was written by staff member: Sehrish Ilyas

Saudi Ban on Women’s Driving Finally Goes Away and Women hit the Roads

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Saudia Arabia finally removes the ban on women’s driving this Sunday and already many of the women hit the road with their cars. Saudi Arabia is the last country who had the ban on women’s driving and there was news around that it will soon be removed. Saudi women are excited about this new amendment and they don’t need to rely on men for their transportation anymore, which their guardians also liked.

More than 120,000 licenses have already been applied by women and there are long waiting even for months in driving schools for women. Women of Saudia will drive on the streets officially for the first time in the history. For that many of the parking, languages have been painted in a pink color to show the support and welcome to the driving ladies.

One of the policemen being captured while giving the pink roses to the driving ladies and congratulate them about their freedom. Saudi women will not rely on their fathers, brothers, husbands, and drivers for their daily plans of outing and for work as well.

This is how Saudi women show their excitement:

67 years old Layla Moussa said, ’ve waited long enough, and now, to know that my daughter-in-law and granddaughters will have a normal life, I feel at peace. I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime.”

Nada Farsi, a dental school instructor at King Abdulaziz University said, “It’s going to make things much, much easier – going to work, dropping the kids off to school and just having the choice to go out whenever we want to.”

“Now, thanks to God, I can plan out my own schedule and my errands and my daughters’ errands,” al-Mari said.

21-year-old Altammimi said, “Seeing that very same society celebrate female driving yesterday and today is just a true indication that Saudi has been ready for a while and has transformed slowly but surely.”

28-year-old Jawaher Alshohail said, “I can’t stop smiling, We feel like celebrities.”

This all happened due to Prince Mohammad Bin Salman who promised to loosen up the social restrictions on Suadi women. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal shared the video of his daughter, officially driving the car and showed the support which boosted up the excitement.

This Article was written by Staff Member: Sehrish Ilyas

Imran Khan’s 2018 elections campaign has started from Mianwali

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PTI chief and cricketer turned politician kicked off his campaign from his native town Mianwali, he said the decision of starting the campaign from his hometown was done because he started of his political career from this city.

Imran Khan’s rally in Mianwali – Photo Credit:

On the dispute regarding the issuance and allotments of the tickets to the workers; he said, he will rectify his mistake if there is injustice happened in the distribution of tickets. He justified his decision by saying that he was in unbearable pressure to allot tickets to his relatives from Mianwali but I did not budge, he said. The allotment of tickets is done purely on merit and awarded to the electables who knows how to fight and win the election, he added.

Both PML-N and PPP had awarded tickets to their relatives but Tehreek-e-Insaf is totally against the native politics. While addressing to the people he once again defended the decision ’PTI is going to contest the election to win it’. I am trying my best to figure out if any of injustice had been made by the parliamentarian board in the allotment in any constituency of any of the Province.

He recalls his opponents and accused Shareef’s family for spending Rs40 billion on advertisements to hide their corruption. Khan lashed out at former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal for saying PTI an inexperienced party. “The sharif government has left Pakistan in head to toe debt due to excessive borrowing, Is it the experience you are boasting it about?,” he said.

Khan said Nawaz shareef failed to produce money trial of his properties in London. Instead of returning back the looted money of the people of Pakistan, he launched the campaign ”Mujhy kyun nikala?” he said.

While kicking off his campaign from his hometown constituency he promised people that if he will be given a chance, you will see an emerging and uprising Pakistan within a weeks. He said he will bring Pakistan on the track back by strengthening the institutions to render the services in their certain limit.

“By the grace of God we will make Pakistan self sufficient which will stand on its own feet” he affirmed.

The upcoming elections have seen massive political weathering yet and rivalries are all set to mark their power by winning the respective constituencies. However all of the sufferings faced by PML-N in the recent times they have shown their strength by winning recent by-election.

This article was written by Staff Member: Mahad Gujjar

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