China stands by Pakistan once again, now on issue of Pakistan’s sovereignty

Right from beginning the relationships between the Pakistan and China have been nothing less than awesome. They always supported each other on many International forums and stood by each other when ever required. Its not just that, in many traits both countries have been running joint projects which also include defense co-operation and building up the defense capabilities together. The fighter Air Craft JF-17 Thunder was latest example of that co-operation, this was built be engineers of both countries together and symbolizes the friendship between these two countries.

China have played their role very well, right from the beginning, they were here for us without any conditions and terms like a loyal friend unlike our always shaky relationships with United States.

In recent past China again showed the world our good relationships by warning United States on multiple occasions that do not mess with Pakistan or otherwise you will be considered messing with China. These statements start coming after the US attack inside Pakistan to eliminate Osama Bin Laden without even informing Pakistani Intelligence of authorities.

Soon after Osama occurrence on May 2, the Chinese embassy in United States responded to the changed tone of US towards Pakistan and made it clear that don’t mess with Islamabad or you will be considered messing with China.

Now last week after Obama told world that they may come with with Osama like operations in Pakistan in near future, China again warned US during their “China-US strategic dialogue” that any attack on or inside Pakistan will be considered an attack on China, so US better watch out and take care of business wisely.

Many clear statements supporting Pakistan and warning US had been recently coming from Chinese, which were very much appreciated by people of Pakistan. Many here in Pakistan believe that China have supported Pakistan much more on these difficult times than Pakistan’s own self centered leadership was even not able to question United States on their actions and a number of matters of concern.

Pakistan-China relationships are unique, there is bonding between people of these country and I would love seeing these relationships growing much further. We have been there for each other on difficult times and would look forward to continue that in future. Thumbs up to Pakistan China friendship.

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