Kids’ world’s longest running universally popular show sesame street is back with season 41

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Sesame Street Cartoon Characters

Sesame street first premiered on 10 November 1969 on 200 TV stations simultaneously, this American based show was great source of entertainment and preschool education for kids world wide. Even here in Pakistan lots of us watched this show in our childhood on the only available terrestrial TV network PTV back in our childhoods.

This world wide recognized show have until now broadcast 40 seasons, the reason for success was only the idea of providing education through cartoon characters which were very attractive to children.

Sesame street is premiering its 41st season from tomorrow and in this regard world’s most popular video site Youtube have featured Sesame Street youtube channel. This channel was yesterday was hyperlinked with youtube logo, also they had embedded elmo (a sesame street cartoon character ) in their logo yesterday.

This youtube channel also features youtube’s special interviews with the sesame street cartoon characters like the following video.

Also sesame street website have lots of attractions for kids and lots of stuff them to do there including games and educational videos etc.

Update: Sesame street season 41 preview

Google brings Pacman fun on 30th anniversary of Pacman game

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Pacman Game on Google home page
Pacman Game on Google home page

Google is rightly believed to be the fun loving organization. They have proved it once again, on 30th anniversary of Pacman Google have embedded the special Pacman plug in into its logo as shown above in the image. Please notice the insert coin button which is placed on place of “I am feeling lucky” button and it initiates the Pacman game. This was the fully featured playable game plugin with proper scoring in place. The plugin is embedded in to Google search page into the logo for 48 hours as part of Pacman’s 30th anniversary celebration.

Youtube comes with TEXTp video format on april fools day

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Youtube which is a google’s product came up with a new TEXTp format for videos on youtube. You can select this from same place where you can select the video resolution like 360p or 480p or higher. This is only available for videos with resolution more than 360p. To watch any of the video in this mode make sure its more than 360p resolution and add &textp=fool on end of video url and it will show the video in text format. i.e. everything in video will be composed of the text.

Following is screen capture of a TEXTp video,

Youtube TEXTp video format launched on April Fool Day
Youtube TEXTp video format launched on April Fool Day

According to them this will save the broadband costs for them, as more and more people will engage them watching the video in this format instead of HD formats which take lots of bandwidth.

See the way how Google Congratulates people about April Fool Day by saying a Happy April Fools Day.

Google have done it again and they are again here with another innovation, same kind of surprises and innovation is the stuff which have kept the Google on top till today, they always come with new successful innovative ideas. They have actually spent lots of time building it. Good thing this idea have is that its fun to watch videos in a new way using text format for users and on same time it is saving lots of money for Youtube and Google.

Another good thing which kept Google on success is their habit of giving pleasant surprises and shocking people with their out of box innovation. Mostly they don’t give a hint to people when they are working on things and finally come up with great surprises like this idea which is never seen before by most us on earth.

I hope they don’t remove this amazing feature from youtube and keep it for ever for good. Good luck Google, keep it up. This also shows that the leader of Web world is also fun loving after all.

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Pakistani Taxi driver Asif Hussain Shah writes a book and goes online with his taxi

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A Pakistani Taxi driver Asif Hussain Shah who drives his cab mainly in Rawalpindi/Islamabad and is citizen of Rawalpindi is the person who thought out of box and written a book. His book is named ‘For Hire’, the book is based on his daily experiences while driving his taxi, mostly based on experiences and thoughts he heard from passengers who traveled in his taxi.

Following are few photos of his taxi featuring himself.

Picture shot of Asif hussain Shah's taxi in Blue Area Islamabad
Picture shot of Asif hussain Shah's taxi in Blue Area Islamabad - Photo Credit: Spano @ Pakwheels Forum
Asif hussain Shah the book writer in his taxi
Asif hussain Shah the book writer in his taxi

Asif Hussain Shah not only wrote the book, he gone one step further, he used his cab as a moving bill board to advertise his book. He used the space on sides and behind his taxi to attract more buyers of his book and spread the word about himself. The painted ads on his taxi mention his book ‘for hire’ and they also tell people to search Asif Hussain Shah on Google. Though he himself don’t have any official website for himself but relies on what other people post about him on internet.

This tactic of painting ads which ask people to search about him on internet make more and more popular with more and more people taking his taxi’s pictures and uploading them on to internet. Same ads given him the media coverage as few TV channels have also covered him.

His idea of online marketing, by an offline ad and no official website to date, worked like charm and now you will find thousands of online posts covering him and his book. Not only this as he travels around more and more people take pictures of his taxi and put them online.

Asif hussain shah wrote his book ‘For Hire’ not only to have separate source of income but also to preach the good values of Islam, he points out lots of issues in this Pakistani society and how to cope with them. Following is a video captured by a TV Channel which features Asif Hussain Shah and provides his thoughts about the book. The video content consists of both English and Urdu language.

Asif Hussain’s book was the first book in Pakistan which is written by a taxi driver in Pakistan or even first in Pakistan by a person who is in a non-intellectual profession to earn his living. He proved this that anyone can write his daily experience and share them in form of a book no matter he/she belongs to which profession.

Asif hussain shah, as shown in above video still have not stopped writing, he continues to drive his taxi and continues to write while dropping the passengers on desired places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

If you decide to read Asif Hussain Shah’s book ‘For Hire’, I will recommend that you buy it other than downloading from Internet, so he gets his share which he deserves very much.