Pakistan IT and telecom news blog got hacked is Pakistan’s leading IT and telecom news blog. This website is owned by and IT professional name Aamir Aatta, who left his job few years back to put all his attention to his information technology and telecom news blog. Soon this blog got famous as it was mostly pasting the packages of cell phone companies, it took off via its success on social media, soon it was visited by most of Online Pakistanis daily. As time passed, blog got more mature and professional. It also been involved in leaking telecom operators news ahead of time but most of time the authentic new. Today, its hacked by a group of hackers calling them 1337 and few other online identity type […]

Official website of Allied Bank Pakistan is hacked and Defaced

The official website of Allied Bank Limited is hacked by hackers who are called themselves Xploiter and Dr. Freak. They have defaced the website and added their own page with a warning, screenshot is as follows. Hackers have left their not about the site, which concludes to Allied Bank Limited should have learned from the hacking events of Habib Bank Limited, Sonari bank and PKNIC (Pakistani Domain name system). Please note that these were hacked in recent past and hacker rightly said that Allied Bank and other banks of Pakistan should have been more careful with their website security. Hackers claim to be friends of Pakistan rather than foo, as they claim that they want that banks and other agencies […]