Factory owner arrested after the Karachi Stampede deaths

About one to two days ago, in a stampede in Karachi, in a Zakat distribution event about 13 people lost their lives. FK Dyeing Company had organized the event, however they had not made associated necessary arrangements. After too much people turned up, the factory closed its gates, a stampede took place and many people lost their lives in the unfortunate incident. The FK Dyeing company was holding the Zakat distribution daily, however, on the third day too many people turned up to get the freebies. This included more than four hundred women. But the FK Dyeing company did not had the proper arrangements to cater this many people. Also according to the local police FK Dyeing Company (a textile […]

Twelve die in a Stampede while Zakat Distribution in Karachi

Now a days economic situation in Pakistan and related inflation have made things worse for people. People even in average income class and below are struggling to make the ends meet. Same are the reason that people are force to avail any opportunity of relief they get. So that is why we are hearing more and more people losing their lives while being in the lines of cheap floor or where money/grocery items are being distributed as Zakat. One similar incident took place in the Sindh Industrial and Trading State (SITE) area of Karachi. FK Dyeing Company, which is situated in SITE area, invited families of its own employees for distribution of Zakat. This was actually third day of Zakat […]