A rare cool day for Rawalpindi and Islamabad in summer

Yes it is true, the weather forecasts telling the different story, despite today being very pleasant day the hostile heat is about to be back just on tomorrow. Today in Rawalpindi and Islamabad it kept raining in several little time spans of 5 to 20 minutes, some lightening and winds also witnessed and the temperature was mostly around 29 degrees or low. Weather forecasts for tomorrow show a real hot 37 and increasing temperatures from tomorrow and so on. Some rain in night is expected but the drying weather already back the facts provided by weather forecasts. Following are few images taken in ever in dual sunny and cloudy kind of atmosphere. Hope we keep getting such low temp days […]

Roads and bridges network at faizabad Islamabad

Above is the satellite view of the bridges and roads in Faizabad area of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It actually manages huge traffic in great manner. I think its the only one of its kind in Pakistan or at least in Rawalpindi Islamabad. The point is that on more areas such plans must be thought of and executed. We all know many places which are always congested with loads of traffic and passing those places is a misery. So such plans may thought for those places as well. Traffic on roads will no keep increasing so thinking in advance is a better strategy. Feel free to post you comments. Subscribe to our daily update email as well as join our Facebook […]