Geo Entertainment and ARY News to Face License Suspension by PEMRA

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) have decided to temporarily suspend the licenses of ARY News and Geo Entertainment. Not only this both will will have pay a fine of ten million rupees each. Geo Entertainment’s license is being canceled for one month for showing blasphemous content in its morning show hosted by anchor Shaista Wahidi. In addition to 30 days ban on GEO they will have to pay 10 million Rupees as fine to PEMRA. ARY news on other hand will be banned/off-air for 15 days and similar 10 million rupees fine is imposed on it as well. ARY News is being taken off-air by PEMRA as according to them they have received several complaints against channel suggesting that […]

Geo Super allowed to start broadcasting from Pakistan

PEMRA¬† is told by Supreme court of Pakistan to issue the license to Geo Super to open transmission from Pakistan again. Geo super have been operating from Pakistan from years and is only sports channel of Pakistan but just months ago Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) run into issues with Geo Network and they closed the only sports channel of Pakistan. The reason of this closure is told as the fearless journalism of GEO Networks where even against government they openly discussed the issues and kept pointing out wherever government was not performing duties or not doing required as most of Pakistan media doing now a days. So according to many, this was some kind of revenge of Pakistan […]