Youm-e-Ali Holiday announced in the Sindh Province

Youm-e-Ali is observed on 21st of Ramadan. Processions and gatherings are seen all across the country to remember they martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA). Sindh Government have announced this year’s Youm-e-Ali as a holiday in all educational institutions in Sindh. This includes all schools, collages and other kind of educational institutes. A Sindh government special meeting decided that the public as well as private sector schools, colleges, universities and other kind of educational institutes will remain closed on April 12, 2023 for Youm-e-Ali (21st Ramadan, 1444). A notification was issued in this regard on April 7, 2023 by the government of Sindh College Education Department. Notification reiterated that the April 12, 2023 will be a holiday in educational institutions of […]

Office and Bank Holidays in Pakistan for year 2023

In the today’s busy life, many consider a holiday a blessing. It is not that they want to run away from work but the holidays give us the opportunity to spend time with family, plan a trip and it is especially good for offsetting some of work stress. Pakistan is a country, which was once called a holidays heaven, it still is for the education sector, the students and teachers. For others, especially the people working in offices and banks, things have changed. They get less opportunities of the day off now, throughout the year. In the past there were many days, which used to be holidays but were changed to work days later on. Lots of debate can be […]

School and College holidays in Pakistan for the year 2023

The duration of the academic year in Pakistani schools is from August to May in the certain private schools and colleges. However, there is much of difference in starting and ending dates of Government and public sector schools. In government schools and many other private schools and colleges, the new session starts from April 1 and goes on to next March. Where the results of students is usually announced on the 31st March. Different provincial schools and colleges may use different schedule for the starting and ending of session. The full academic year is nine months including the summer, winter and spring breaks. There are usually two weekly holiday in most of schools and colleges, Saturday and Sunday. However, some […]