Has Imran Khan Lost his Way?

No, it does not start from Imran Khan, it starts from the Barack Obama, who is the current president of United States of America (USA). Once, very long time ago, I was listening to speech of Barack Obama, what I liked about his speech was, he not just made the promises, but made promises with supporting stats. About everything he was talking, he was giving the current stats for it, he had proper research done on issues and than was telling, in next year or so, I will improve this thing to this level, that too with stats. You know what I am talking about, the promises with proper stats and complete assessment of current situation of an issue. Now, […]

Pakistan Government bans all its employees from interaction with media

Pakistan Government have asked all its employees working country wide to stay away from media. This move was taken in fear of facing any further embarrassment due to any revelation of facts by any government employees. The current political party in government (Pakistan Peoples Party) have failed to achieve desirable on many fronts and were not able to solve some of main common man problems as well as national issues. Pakistan peoples party does not seem popular among people of Pakistan after all these years of their administration of country. Many facts keep coming out, which does not go in favor of current government and cause further damage to their image. This move was taken exactly in this context to […]