Three weekly holidays announced for public and private schools in Lahore

Punjab has announced that all public and private schools in Lahore districts will remain closed for three days per week. This decision has been officially notified and will be applicable until its reversed via a further notice. This decision was originally made by Lahore High Court and now has been implemented by Punjab government for public and private schools. Public and Private school in Lahore will remain closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. The decision has been made due to current smog situation in Lahore. Smog situation in Punjab province and specially in Lahore is very bad right now, some serious steps are needed to be taken to deal with smog. There could be many benefits of closing […]

Why we finally need to change our ways to green living

To help our planet sustain the current atmospheric temperature and keep it habitable for all the species which are living in it today. If we do not go green today and do not try to reduce our carbon footprint, the global warming will keep its pace or may even speedup until earth becomes the inhabitable barren wasteland. This is inevitable but this is not the immediate concern, immediate concern is the catastrophes which started to appear around the world due to the rising global temperature. These global warming related catastrophes include but not limited to series of wildfires erupting on their own, floods, heat waves, cold waves, droughts, tropical storms, cyclones etc. These catastrophes earlier were appearing in the world […]