Higher Education Commission issued a notice to Ex-Parliamentarians instructing them to get degrees verified till 5th April, 2013

Just the government of Pakistan People Party (PPP) is gone and care taker government took over. The winds of change are already blowing. Lots of efforts are being made from Pakistani Supreme court, High courts (Provincial courts), Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP) and Higher Eduction Commission (HEC) to make sure that Pakistan General Elections 2013 are free and fair. HEC is in process of verifying the degrees of former parliamentarians. They have already cleared some degrees and proved some of them as fake, which resulted in imprisonment of Ex Parliamentarians. Recently, HEC issued a notice to former parliamentarians about getting their degrees verified till at most 5th of April. This notice reads as follows. Public Notice for Ex-Parliamentarians for Degree Attestation […]

20 more Parliamentarians with fake degrees

What a disgrace that this country is being run by illiterate idiots who can’t even honestly complete their own education honestly. How on earth such illiterate parliamentarian can run the country. Latest in this regard is that Election Commission have summoned 20 more parliamentarians, among them 13 are from Punjab, Sindh and Baloachistan Assemblies and the Members of national assemblies areĀ  Jawad Hussain, Deewan Aashiq, Mir Ahmed N. Bugti and Hussain Bukhari. Way back in July this year the number of these fake degrees was reached 47 and now we have lots more such cases. Real insult to injury is that how these evil souls reached to assemblies. Didn’t we have a procedure to check the documents of before even […]