No taxes on cell phone card recharge till next order says chief justice

Chief Justice of Pakistan has increased the period of no tax deduction on mobile prepaid cards or recharge in any way. Mian Saqib Nisar had ordered earlier to not deduct any tax from mobile cards as the consumers will get 100% of the credit for 15 days. The mentioned time has been expired but the Chief Justice orders to continue it until the next order. The Chief Justice remarked that the deduction of tax was not for the limited time and it will continue until the further orders, plus he didn’t mention any specific time for the next orders.  Chief Justice said, “It was said that the decision to suspend tax deduction on mobile balance was for a limited time […]

Chief Justice of Pakistan urges other institutions to recognize their role in providing justice

He said that its the wrong assumption that only the courts are responsible for providing the justice to people. Chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chudhary said on Tuesday that three institutions which are legislature, executive and judiciary can only provide justice if they are working together towards same goal. He added the good governance only comes into existence when the above mentioned three institutions are dedicated to provide justice to the people and collaborating with each other perfectly. He was quite right in what he said, the decisions only from the judiciary does not matter unless they are not properly followed by the other institutions. Also providing justice is not the responsibility of judiciary, the role of other institutions is evident. […]