Asif Zardari Claims to Offer one Government Job to Every Family if his Party Comes in Power Again

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Pakistan People’s Party’s President Asif Ali Zardari promised to give one government job to every family if he will come in power again. All political parties are working hard for the upcoming elections which are going to be held on 25 July 2018. The former president of Pakistan had a meeting with the delegation of traders and other officials at Zardari House put special emphasis on the unemployment.

He said that PPP would create the opportunities against unemployment and will offer a number of government jobs for each person in every family. According to Zardari’s plan, the merit for these jobs would not be so tough and hard so people can avail the opportunities to decrease the unemployment. Furthermore, he also takes agriculture into notice and said that it is the backbone of the national economy and it needs to be uplifted.

Farmers would be provided with all essential resources and will develop a special plan to increase the agriculture sector. Not only on jobs and agriculture but he also focused on the need for water. He talked about the shortage of water in the current time and there is a need to build the dams as soon as possible.

He further continues, “We will also work on a project of generating electricity with sewage.” Further added, that the PPP government would put special emphasis on health, education, communication, and development within the province. In the list of his expected plans there is another plan of shifting sugar mills and industrial units outside the city of Nawabshah, to make the city a developed and model city itself. PPP President blames PML-N for the corruption, unemployment, electricity shortage, flawed policies, a ruined economy, rising fuel prices and much more.

The former President has decided to contest for the National Assembly in the General Election of 2018 from his native city Nawabshah. He also claimed that PPP has already provided a number of jobs on merit and will provide again after coming in the power this time.

This article was written by staff: Sehrish Ilyas

Worst electricity load shedding being witnessed by Pakistani people after elections

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electricity-loadshedding-pakistanThe two days of elections were electrifying for nation as on two election days the uninterrupted supply of electricity was provided to the nation, many people seem happy that just two day, but they got some time with uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Now elections are long gone and nation is back into the worst of darkness again. The electricity is just seen for 6 to 9 hours a day in cities of Pakistan, don’t even bother asking about remote rural areas. People where were thinking to improvement of things are pushed into worst of darkness. Elected parties still did not came into power yet but the caretakers are doing worst at this time. Country really can feel that it is being run by Zardari, remember Zardari led government did not done any good for country in last five years and people of Pakistan rightly punished Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) by not voting for this party in three of four provinces making PPP the party of just Sindh province.

Now people of Pakistan are experiencing worst of all time load shedding of electricity. Though I had voted for other party but all my hopes now are associated with the winning Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N). This party is soon coming in to the power. I will hope that they will resolve this electricity issue as soon as they come into power. I have what so ever no hopes at all from Mr. Zardari or the care takers.

PML-N will now have to perform to regain the same kind of mandate they got in these elections. I wish them best of luck and wish that they can resolve this problem (along with other issues Pakistanis are facing) as soon as they come in to power. Remember people of Pakistan are more aware then ever now, so please perform. May Allah help people of Pakistan and help them in resolving their problems.

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Zardari to initiate several short term power generation projects in Sindh

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Apparently very much into the third year of Pakistan Peoples Party in government, Mr. Zardari finally thought something about treating the power shortage situation in the country. So he have recently advised the authorities of Sindh to start getting bids for several energy projects in Sindh, which will serve the province’s power needs. These projects will start as part of Sindh’s electricity generation policy and will be completed with in 12 to 18 months.

Now question is electricity problems were there since beginning, why Mr. Zardari didn’t thought of doing something as soon as he came in power. Doesn’t it look like some kind of popularity stunt before the next elections?, which are not more far away now then just two years. Apparently the whole situation makes it look like a desperate popularity stunt of Pakistan Peoples Party before next elections. Consider this, Power generations projects are being started in Sindh and Sindh is province which is vote bank of Pakistan Peoples Party. Moreover, power projects will be complete in just 12 to 18 months, apparently it would be before elections so party can base elections campaign on base of them.

Leave aside the motives, whether they are positive or not, but one thing I am happy with is finally some projects being thought of which will in fact benefit the country and its people. Which is good thing in all its means. If Pakistan Peoples party wants to make it big, they will have to think some real big projects as well and may be also take some solid measure to eradicate the corruption from the country, which unfortunately seem to be each level, then they may have very good chance to come back in government in next elections.

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