Asif Zardari Claims to Offer one Government Job to Every Family if his Party Comes in Power Again

Pakistan People’s Party’s President Asif Ali Zardari promised to give one government job to every family if he will come in power again. All political parties are working hard for the upcoming elections which are going to be held on 25 July 2018. The former president of Pakistan had a meeting with the delegation of traders and other officials at Zardari House put special emphasis on the unemployment. He said that PPP would create the opportunities against unemployment and will offer a number of government jobs for each person in every family. According to Zardari’s plan, the merit for these jobs would not be so tough and hard so people can avail the opportunities to decrease the unemployment. Furthermore, he […]

Worst electricity load shedding being witnessed by Pakistani people after elections

The two days of elections were electrifying for nation as on two election days the uninterrupted supply of electricity was provided to the nation, many people seem happy that just two day, but they got some time with uninterrupted supply of electricity. Now elections are long gone and nation is back into the worst of darkness again. The electricity is just seen for 6 to 9 hours a day in cities of Pakistan, don’t even bother asking about remote rural areas. People where were thinking to improvement of things are pushed into worst of darkness. Elected parties still did not came into power yet but the caretakers are doing worst at this time. Country really can feel that it is […]

Zardari to initiate several short term power generation projects in Sindh

Apparently very much into the third year of Pakistan Peoples Party in government, Mr. Zardari finally thought something about treating the power shortage situation in the country. So he have recently advised the authorities of Sindh to start getting bids for several energy projects in Sindh, which will serve the province’s power needs. These projects will start as part of Sindh’s electricity generation policy and will be completed with in 12 to 18 months. Now question is electricity problems were there since beginning, why Mr. Zardari didn’t thought of doing something as soon as he came in power. Doesn’t it look like some kind of popularity stunt before the next elections?, which are not more far away now then just […]