Shortage of more than 4000 megawatts in Pakistan, Electricity loadshedding hits hard this time

It is just start of spring season and we are already short of electricity in big way, already we are lacking 4o0o plus magewatts of power in Pakistan. What is going to happen in summer season, it will of course be the worst load shedding of all times in Pakistan. One would be optimistic while thinking of what is going to happen in near future but in this case the last two years proved this that things are getting worse and worse day by day.

This is definitely the worst failure of all the policies of current government, despite many promises in recent past about electricity they have not been able to cope with this issue and last promise was to remove the electricity load shedding from country for ever but just after three months of deadline we are seeing the 12 to 15 hours load-shedding in cities and load shedding of up to 18 hours or more in rural areas.

This all proves that the government have done nothing on earth to back the promises but just the promises which were never fulfilled. Not having electricity at homes will be least of our worries because there are alternatives available to cope with this but what about the falling economy which didn’t saw a hike mainly from last two years.

It is not electricity, it is a total policy failure which led the country towards the worst which can happen, if things are not improved soon we will be great trouble.

Specially in power sector there is lots which needs to be done, including building new dams to store the lots of water which we dump every year into the open sea despite the water shortage. There is lots which can be done in power sector including getting power from alternative sources but if it is not done on urgent bases in few years we will be pushed towards the total darkness in few coming years.

If we really want to progress, the energy from alternate sources like wind tribunes, solar energy plants is must, also the reserves of coal can be utilized to generate lots of power. But for all of that the real capable leadership is must. Lets see how current government deals with current energy and water crisis, but a question remains, are the really capable to deal with such situations? – We will get the answer to this question soon as time passes.

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