PTI sweeps by-elections knocking out PDM, unofficial results

On 16 October, 2022 by-elections took place on eight National Assembly seats and three Provincial Assembly seats. According to unofficial results Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has won on six National Assembly and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is winning on two. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) have not won any national assembly seat. On provincial assembly seats, PTI again is winning on two seats while PMLN here is only winning on one.

So according to almost complete unofficial results, PTI have very easily won the elections against the thirteen party alliance called Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). PDM was only able to take lead in two National Assembly seats and only one provincial assembly seat.

This is a huge victory of PTI, as they are fighting this battle not just against thirteen other parties, but thirteen parties, which have made an alliance against PTI. So this election was definitely PTI vs an Alliance of thirteen. So winning in this situation with huge margins, is an achievement.

Some of unofficial but final results of by-elections of National Assembly Seats are as follows,

SeatAreaWinnerRunners Up
NA 24CharsaddaPTIANP
NA 31PeshawarPTIANP
NA 108FaisalabadPTIPMLN
NA 11Nankana SahibPTIPMLN
NA 237Karachi MalirPPPPTI
NA 239KarachiPTIMQM

PTI also announced via a press conference that they will contest the results of NA 237, as according to them, rigging happened there and votes are changed. There some other incidents which are seen all over, election commission have also took notice of many, so for sure some actions are coming up against some which are involved.

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