Pakistan energy crisis, the dark age

PowerIt is really unfortunate that in age when other nations are done with all their basic needs and busy in advance researches and exploring space, Pakistan have been unsuccessful in coping with the people’s basic needs. This is not because this good country does not have any natural resources or does not capable of do the required stuff but the only reason for downfall is lack of planning by the governments of all times. Now one till date have taken things seriously.

If we talk of energy crisis, why is Pakistan in trouble in terms of energy, no past government have seriously planned about power provision according to the needs in future. Once there was a time when Pakistan had extra power, and they were selling it, but had a small distribution network limited to some areas. The proper research at that time must have done to look at future energy needs and measures to fulfil them. Our leaders kept sleeping then.

Now when our country is 4000 MW short of required energy, the measures are not being taken up to the required extent. Just a day back US offered to help Pakistan overcome the power crisis. Until when we would keep looking on others to come along and fulfil our needs of all kinds, why can’t we start doing things ourselves.  Having contracts and collaborations with other countries is good thing but relying on them is worse.

Pakistan have lots of natural resources, why can’t Pakistan govt seriously plan to use them. In recent past a wind led power house was brought into operation but having few projects does not make sense when we have to cope with our current and upcoming energy requirement.

Feasibility must be called on by govt for  all kind of energy generation possibilites. Which also include alternate sources like wind, solar energy and more. Pakistan have lots open lands where wind blows fast enough to produce energy via wind turbines, also have trumendiously hot areas fully exposed to sun and can be used to build a number of solar led power houses. Lots of other alternate energy proposal came and denied in past.

Its time to think, if we have get out of this dark age and bulid a senerio where we are independent interms of energy, the planning then have to be for future 50 or 100 years not for just hardly fulfilling the current needs. This country is equipped with countless natural resource only its required that some one now take the responsibilty and utilize them to produce power up to the requried level as overall country’s economic progress heavily depends on non-stop provision of power. God Bless you Pakistan!

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