Online Shopping Replacing Shopping Malls in Pakistan

Buy stuff onlineOnline shopping is proliferating in Pakistan; more people are choosing to buy online than going to outlets and boutiques to shop.  There are a number of reasons for this; firstly more and more shops are building their online presence, especially in terms of e-commerce. Since people spend more and more time online, the only way to target them is by invading the virtual space. This has led to a number of shops jumping on the online bandwagon, because of the reason that at present there is an extensive range of products available online.   People have taken a liking to online shopping because of the convenience; one can easily browse online, find out about comparative rates and products and buy all at their own time and convenience; there are no shop hours, no traffic jams, no car hassles.

Furthermore one can do it conveniently at home or at the office, no need to allocate time to shopping. For sellers, online shopping decrease the overhead costs; no need  for rents, or a sales staff, once a website is up and running, it only needs a team to work on the website, as opposed to the efforts required at a proper shop.  This transformation has created quite an uncomfortable situation for malls; in Pakistan, there has been an influx of malls in the past few years. Many malls have been built or are in the process of being completed. With this new trend, one has to see what impact it will have on malls. Online Shopping store and bnbAccessories have succeeded in gaining huge number of customers and organic orders rapidly and this trend is accelerating with increase in the usage of internet and social media channels in Pakistan.

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