Karachi death toll rises to 26 people, power outage also continues

rain-in-karachiUntil now 205mm rain is observed in some areas of Karachi, which caused further floods and in some related incidents more people died. Also things worsen due to the power outage in the city of Karachi. Karachi have been filled with water and full of darkness due to the rain and power outage. In lots of areas once again power is restored but still more areas are without power.

In some areas using small power generators and motors water is being thrown out. Still the season’s first rain have bring big miseries for the citizens of Karachi and power outage added the injury to them. In 1977 about 207 mm rain was recorded and now after decades rain of 205 mm kills 26 people. If weather doesn’t change in a while, condition may much more worsen for citizens of the city.

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