Imran Khan avoids indictment and further proceedings in contempt of court case

After many hearings and submitting multiple replies to court, in last hearing the court was not satisfied with the replies of Imran Khan in contempt of court case involving remarks about a female judge in political rally. So, in last hearing court had decided to indict Imran Khan in next hearing and pursue the case formally.

However, today Imran Khan requested court to let him express something, as he did not got chance to express his thoughts and feelings in last hearing. So while speaking to court, he said “he is ready to apologise to the female judge”. If court thinks he crossed the line, it will not happen again. Also he expressed that he is ready to personally visit the female judge and apologise. On which court said, it is the personal choice but for court it is enough that Imran Khan have realized his mistake. So no further proceedings are required.

However, court instructed Imran Khan to formally submit what he expressed today on an affidavit. That will then conclude the case against Imran Khan formally. For your information the proceedings of this case were happening in Islamabad High Court (IHC) and Bench comprised of many judges were hearing this case. The bench also included the Chief Justice of IHC Athar Minallah among others.

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