Important tips for Exams Preparation for getting High Grades

Exams Preparation tips to get full marks

As exams are going to start, this is the time for students to reinforce all syllabus. Students need to practice special techniques to cover the course before examination for getting better grades even if they have not prepared so far. This is very important to make a good plan and work hard to achieve study goals each day.

First of all, students should start by changing their behavior, spending most of their time for studies and cut all extra indoor as well as outdoor activities. There are a number of activities that help students to sit in the examination hall with confidence. If students try to practice the given planning criteria it will ensure the success in the annual examination along with good grades. Practice these tips to your routines and you will be able to get marvelous results. Few very helpful tips to prepare well for high grades in exams are as follows.

Calm Study Area

Before starting the study, before you do anything else, choose an area which is peaceful and calm so you can concentrate on your study. To put things in mind for long, focus is very important and you can only focus when there are no distractions.

Switch off Mobiles

Before starting the study, mobiles should be switched off or it is much better to keep them out of reach. Otherwise you will lose lots of valuable time, as with the modern social media apps, cell phones are number one distraction. Once you pickup the mobile, you will lose lots of time scrolling the social media apps, without even noticing.

Make To Do Lists

Making a to do list and including the topics in it, which are to covered that day, helps to avoid the wastage of valuable time. Multiple todo lists will help even more, like daily todo list as well as a general todo list with all the topics to cover. Also here, it is better to better to use a pen and paper to make these list, else if a you made a to do list on a cellphone, it will be easy for you to get distracted by social media apps and messages, when you will pick up mobile to check the todo list during study.

You can surely use mobile for todo lists, as it is always with you but make a copy of the list on paper, to use during the study, to lower your chances of getting distracted from social media apps.

Use Sticky Notes

Use the sticky notes to write down all the important points, which need to be reinforced multiple times. So you can remember them. This could include the topics which you think, you are weak in.

Note Important Points

Try to write down the main heading according to the topic and subheadings of the important points in that topic, so you can recall it many times. During study note all the important and difficult questions separately, to discuss with fellow students or even teachers later on. Internet will also be a great help in this regard.

Past Papers

Try to cover the past examination papers according to the topics covered at time, it will be helpful for preparing in detail. Past papers help to cover most of your preparation. It also helps to get an idea about paper setting. However, do not fully rely on the past papers and try to cover the whole course which is in the scope of upcoming exam.

Group studies

At the end of the day try to discuss the problems you were facing during the day, with your fellow student and teachers. However, before you choose to study in a group, do your own study and use the group study for only the topics which you were not able grasp. Also encourage your fellow students to go through the course on their own before going for group study. Otherwise, you will end up wasting all your valuable time.

Also when you meet for group study, not only get solutions of your problem areas but also try to help the fellow students to full extent in understanding the concepts and solving the problems in which they are weak.

Proper Food Intake

For better concentration take proper diet, never miss breakfast, lunch or a dinner. Drink plenty of water, to keep yourself hydrated, this will also boost your concentration level.

Regular Breaks

Regular breaks during study are helpful to keep your mind fresh and calm. It  helps to reduce stress and increases the ability to focus. For breaks you can take the following steps.

  1. You can go out for a 5 to 10 minutes walk.
  2. Eat some snacks
  3. Take a power nap for 15 minutes
  4. Take a shower

Make use of Pomodoro Method

For taking the breaks you can also make use of the pomodoro method. It is a well known technique to boost your concentration when you are doing something which needs focus. What you need to do is study for 25 minutes then take break for 5 minutes, again do this and repeat it four times. So after fourth time when you end up studying for 25 minutes, take a break of 15 minutes instead of 5. So, for better understanding, following is what you need to do.

  1. Study for 25 minutes, take break for 5 minutes
  2. Study for 25 minutes, take break for 5 minutes
  3. Study for 25 minutes, take break for 5 minutes
  4. Study for 25 minutes, take break for 15 minutes now instead of 5 minutes
  5. Go to step one and repeat all again.

You can repeat it as many time as you want. On end of each one cycle, you would have studied for 100 minutes already. This will not only boost your focus but also you will not get tired so quickly after following the Pomodoro method for your studies.

There are even computer softwares and mobile apps available which will automatically run timers for you and will help you in following the pomodoro method. One such computer software is called pomotroid, in which you can configure the focus as well as long and short break durations in order to follow pomodoro method to focus. Lots of mobile apps also available but again, try to keep cell phone away. It is best to follow the method manually or else a windows machine, if you are already using one for your study.

Maintain your sleep cycle

Make sure you get enough sleep and also avoid going anywhere for outing the night before your exams. Also if you will keep your sleep hours consistent during the preparation days, you can go to sleep on time the night before exam and get up on time on the exam day, fresh and prepared.

When you are in Examination Hall

In the Examination Hall you need to focus on the following.

  • Read the question paper carefully.
  • Divide time equally to answer all questions.
  • Don’t forget to focus on the neatness and handwriting.
  • Never try to leave the examination hall early.

Best of Luck for your exams, hope these tips were helpful, do let us know via comments section below. Also you can share any tips or details on how you manage your time in exam days, via comments section on this page.

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