Panadol Shortage Likely to Remain as Production Resumes Partially

Earlier after Govt of Pakistan rejected the Re. 1 per table price increase demand for Panadol by Panadol manufacturers across Pakistan, they stopped producing the tablet as protest. That too at a time when it is needed badly everywhere, it is the season when normally Dengue is at its peak but this year things are worse. Worse with flood hitting vast areas of country, people being in camps and Dengue outbreaks in those camps. Also, in urban communities, there are news of worse dengue outbreak. After the Panadol production stopped in times of high demand, naturally a shortage set in and it started disappearing from the medical stores and chemist shops across the country. Medical store owners were annoyed so […]

Dengue Fever in Pakistan, Measures against Dengue Mosquito, Dengue Symptoms and Important Info

Again Dengue Fever threat is looming in Pakistan, as the summer have already started and our new multiparty government which ousted PTI is busy securing itself. Also as its comprised of people from all sorts of parties, we are probably not going to see them focus on things of people’s interest. The point here is this year we are probably not going to see the government doing much to eradicate dengue, like sprays and other measures. People are probably on their own in this regard. So that is why I have ended up making a video which based on my last year’s experience of three people in family being will with family, does provide lots and lots of info about […]

WHO Warns Pakistan about the Still Opened Schools after Covid-19’s Second Wave

A representative of World Health Organization (WHO) in Islamabad have warned Pakistan government about schools still being open, in wake of rising cases of Covid-19. According to details, its been recommended to Pakistan govt to make a decision faster on closing down the schools, as schools are major gatherings source at this time, which can be fatal in terms of spreading the Corona Virus. Concern here is that children at schools, due to being young and having good ammune system, may not show many symptoms but they can surely be a source of transmission to their elder family members, which may be more prone to the affect of the disease. Government of Pakistan is all set to make a decision […]

How dengue works and how to be safe

Coping with dengue correctly is biggest challenge at the moment for people of Pakistan. 5000 people across Pakistan already affected by dengue fever and 31 of which died, as these were official figures so on ground situation may be even worse. It is very important to act correctly at the moment to be safe, so carefully read following information and share with people you care for greater good. How dengue works/spreads? Dengue virus spreads from person to person but not directly. In fact it can never transfer from one person to another directly. It do spread from one person to another but via mosquitoes trough following events. A mosquito bytes a human with dengue fever and gets infected. Infection grows […]