Google’s Doodle for Pakistan Independence Day 2023 included a dolphin, here is why

Google changes its logo in different territories on special occasions. The changed image normally includes the text ‘google’ with something with relevance to the occasion. This way google celebrates different occasions along with locals. These occasionally changed images (normally for a day or two) are called Google Doodles.

Similarly, yesterday Google released and displayed a Doodle in Pakistan on the 76th Independence day of Pakistan. Doodle included a dolphin image. The Doodle which was displayed to Pakistanis is following.

Google’s Doodle for Pakistan’s 76th Independence day in year 2023 – All Image/Art Credits to Google

Why Pakistan’s 76th Independence day Google Doodle included a Dolphin

When I first seen the dolphin in Pakistan Independence day Google doodle, I got confused. Many of you would have gone through the same. So, after some research, I came to know that the dolphin which is shown in the Google doodle for Pakistan’s Independence day was the toothed whale species, it is the Indus River dolphin, found in Pakistan. It is one of the endangered species. It is also called Bhulan in the Urdu and Sindhi (the local languages).

By the way, like me, very less people knew about any dolphin species which is found within Pakistani rivers. So, good work Google in getting our attention to a dolphin species which is native to Pakistan and categorized as the endangered species.

It also puts our attention to the fact that in Pakistan the relevant departments which are supposed to highlight the importance of and spread awareness about the endangered species, are not performing well. We have not seen any ads or promotional material or even articles about the lists of endangered species in Pakistan.

However, someone interested must be able to find these details via some research both online or offline, but common man should also know about these facts. More awareness should be spread about the endangered species of Pakistan and the steps we can take to save the species.

Previous Google Doodles for Pakistan Independence Day

Year after year google have been releasing doodle images for Pakistan’s Independence days. Some of these images are as follows.

These above are only few examples of Google’s historic doodles for Pakistan Independence day. A number of more doodles were also released in recent years, which are not included in this collection.

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