First Dialog with TLP Successful, Says Sheikh Rashid

Seems like government of Pakistan have decided to give a second chance to TLP and started holding talks with the leadership. In fact as a result of first dialog, 11 Policemen and security forces officials were freed by TLP which they had as hostage with them. This was revealed by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed the interior minister of Pakistan, in a video message via one of his latest tweets. Here is that video message, below.

According to the Sheikh Rashid not only the first session of dialog between Punjab Govt and TLP gone well, but also things are look good for the future. First Session held before very early in the morning before the ‘Sehri’ (as it is Ramadan going on), next session had to happen again within few hours of first.

There is now hope on the end of tunnel that government and TLP will reach some kind of mutual agreement where it is better for both the parties involved. According to Sheikh Rashid, TLP had put blockades on 192 places country wide, on 191 places, these blockades have been removed by use of Power. However, for the last place with is the hub of TLP workers and is a mosque, it is being considered to resolve matters rather peacefully with dialog.

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