Bus service from Islamabad to Murree in just Rs 100 per head

A bus service has been introduced from Islamabad to Murree, which charges he passengers just Rs. 100 to travel to Murree from Islamabad or back other way round. However these the 100 Rs are the fair for one sided trip. The ticket for children who are below 12 years old is free, similarly for elderly people who are 65 years old or above, can travel in this bus service for free. This bus service between Islamabad and Murree have been introduced by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The purpose is to lower the traffic on the Murree expressway, so that the people who travel in several small vehicles can travel together in these big busses. This not only reduces traffic […]

How to Hire a taxi online in Pakistan

The period of digitization has reformed numerous sectors including transportation services for the overall population. In Pakistan, where driving through nearby transport is as yet messy have constrained choices to travel, the application based on How to Hire a taxi online in Pakistan are in fact a much needed change. Travelling inside the city was not so helpful and convenient before when we used to ride on rickshaws. For long routes rent a car services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are introduced at much reasonable rates and having good quality of services. When you talk about Uber, Careem, A-Taxi and others, these every day taxis are available with a couple of touch of the cell phones. Presently, one can arrange and […]

Here is How to Get Free Balance or Rides from both Careem and Uber on Sign Up

Ride hailing services like Careem and Uber are getting popular day by day in Pakistan. They are relatively new concept in Pakistan and is bit old in the western countries. If you have not booked your first ride on Careem or Uber in Pakistan, I would recommend you to do it when you next feel the need to hire a cab. Reason is plain and simple, careem and uber charge you much better rates as compared to conventional taxis in Pakistan. How to Get Free Balance/Rides on Sign Up? Just installing the app and sign will NOT get any Free balance or rides on both Careem and Uber. Key here is to always use an invitation code, when you signup […]

Careem and Uber Revolution in Pakistan, why was it needed

This is really true that the technology can do lots of good and lots of bad but does not want to do any good or any bad but it takes human beings to use it for good or worse. Fast forwarding to, there is no way someone does not know why the uber or Careem were needed in Pakistan, the answer is right there. So heads, up there is an obvious answer and than there is something more to it. Obvious is the unregulated cab market of Pakistan, where all the cabbies were free to charge you whatever they want. So when the private transport is not available people had no other option but to accept the highly unjustifiable fares […]

Pakistan railways go into total chaos and makes passengers as well as employees unhappy

Pakistan railways is recently facing the worst losses because of corrupt and incompetent elements in management. Railway stations are jam packed with passengers but all the trains are late. People have to wait some times as long as 8 to 18 hours before they can get to their train. Also there is no proper system to keep the passengers informed, as people with their families wait on railway stations, it turns into total chaos. Railways management blames the losses and throws the responsibility off their shoulders. When the trains as well as railway stations are jam packed with passengers, trains are full over capacity, how on earth railway management can claim that they are going in losses. Railway management also […]