Taliban promoting terror not Islam

What Taliban are trying to do in Pakistan clearly tells that they have no intentions to promote Islamic law or Islamic rules. They have created a bunch of weird rules themselves and simply trying to associate with Islam. Islam is a religion which tell guidelines to live good life, it tells which things are good and which are bad but does not give any right to anybody to enforce things on others.

Taliban’s self created rules include

– No education for women

– No one can listen music otherwise serious physical punishments

– No women can go shopping or go outside homes

– No shave for men

Above are only few of their own rules which they are associating with the religion Islam. Islam is a moderate religion and promotes the concept education of men as well as women on equal bases. Also no rules in Islam suggest any prohibition of shave for men or going shopping for women.

The reason for this article being here is to tell the people that we Pakistanis disown the Taliban, we disagree and disown all the rules by Taliban and we the whole Pakistani nation testify that what Taliban are up to is not promotion of Islam its just promotion of terror.

Taliban, leave our country, live in peace and let us live in peace, otherwise you will ultimately have to leave but the hard way. Choice is yours, easy way or the hard way.

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