Why Resolving the Issue Of Power Shortage Is Critical for Pakistan or Any Other Such Country

power-shortage-issue-pakistan-wind-millsThere are countries of world which are planning to launch their next probe in outer space and thinking on the lines of reaching the far-flung places of the universe. Then there are countries in which people are deprived of their basic needs of modern world. Needs like uninterrupted supply of electricity for people to run their homes as well as businesses.

Yes, I am talking about Pakistan and other countries which have not been able to resolve their basic issues like uninterrupted supply of electricity. Unfortunately the reason of not achieving the uninterrupted supply of electricity doesn’t have to do anything with their ability to afford. But it is more related to having the corrupt leaders elected in elections from last few decades who have much more to do with their own selves other than the real issues of people of Pakistan.

Whatever the reasons are, its time that Pakistan resolves their energy crisis and the reasons are as follows,

  • The energy crisis in countries like Pakistan end up affecting the industries. As interruptions in power supply either make the factories underperformed in terms of production or in some cases they have to be closed. This affects the production and ultimately becomes a big dent on exports of the country. Also the unemployment rate, which is already a big problem, keeps rising even faster.
  • Lifestyle and living standards of people come down very much. In countries like Pakistan, the less of people can afford their own UPS or generators, so many have to wait for electricity to do next task.
  • Health issues definitely arise when electricity load shedding of 12 to 20 hours is in place and heat is jumping above the 40 degree Celsius mark.
  • Education sector is also affected, as its very difficult for students to concentrate on studies in temperatures above 40 degree Celsius and no electricity in their homes to cool them down. Also any online research is definitely not possible during the hours of electricity load shedding.
  • Not only students but professionals who want to grab work from online freelancing websites and then want to coordinate with clients are also badly affected, resulting in loss of money for them. This results in economy of country coming down when masses have this same issue.

It is now time that the newly elected government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) recognizes all these disadvantages of electricity load shedding or uninterrupted power supply of electricity and gives an instant relieve to its people. After all the people of Pakistan or other such countries must enjoy same facilities as the developed countries of world who were last found getting ready to send next voyager craft in outer space.

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