How to Hire a taxi online in Pakistan

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The period of digitization has reformed numerous sectors including transportation services for the overall population. In Pakistan, where driving through nearby transport is as yet messy have constrained choices to travel, the application based on How to Hire a taxi online in Pakistan are in fact a much needed change. Travelling inside the city was not so helpful and convenient before when we used to ride on rickshaws. For long routes rent a car services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are introduced at much reasonable rates and having good quality of services.

When you talk about Uber, Careem, A-Taxi and others, these every day taxis are available with a couple of touch of the cell phones. Presently, one can arrange and verify his ride by signing on to the applications of these services and your taxi arrives at your doorstep so as to take you to your desire location.

These online taxi services have gotten a positive reaction since Pakistanis required it. This high-on-demand taxi hiring service is making travelling a lot easier in the demanding city of the nation.

Here are the following few qualities which have played important role in the rise of this amazing method of transportation.

1) Reasonable Fare:

With regards to fare, these taxis are especially reasonable and superior to rickshaws in the city. A base charge (basic price) is fixed and the rest is anominal rate set for every kilometer of travelling distance secured.Thetaxi driver realizes the accurate travelling distance. He would have a reasonable thought of the fare to be paid to the Captain driver.

2) Every minute of every day Availability:

One of the exceptional characteristics of these online taxi services is the accessibility nonstop. One can book a ride at whenever of the day and the taxi driver with the vehicle will be there on your doorstep. In n emergency case late during the evening or in the early morning times when there is hard to find any vehicle, these cabs will be there to encourage and facilitate you.

3) Simplicity of Booking:

Booking a ride on these taxis is simple and easy. One can hire a taxi accessible ways by means of application, site or the customer call center from the comfort of his home. You don’t need to leave your home to search a ride in taxi or an auto rickshaw. Along these guidelines, everything should be possible through your cell phone at ease.

4) Vehicle and Route Tracking:

The system of these online taxi services enables you to follow your ride when you have shut the application. Truth be told, it even tracks your course amid the ride with a worldwide global position system (GPS). It keeps you well informed that how far is your ride and to what extent it will take him to reach to you.

5) Simple Billing system:

The entire breakdown of the charge according to your distance is recorded in the bill receipts which one needs to pay to the taxi driver in hand to hand money. A full charge notification is additionally sent directly after your ride ends and the driver clicks End Trip. For caution alert, you need to have enough change in the wallet before booking a ride on theseonline taxi services.

6) Travel Comfort:

Going in a four wheeler taxi is clearly comfortable rather than auto-rickshaws which charge even a similar amount of cash. So to the extent the delight of ride and travelling comfort, these online taxi services are supreme and quite matchless.

Final verdict:

These are some interesting facts about How to hire a taxi online in Pakistanto help you reach your destination in time and you will have better driving experience.

Here is How to Get Free Balance or Rides from both Careem and Uber on Sign Up

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Ride hailing services like Careem and Uber are getting popular day by day in Pakistan. They are relatively new concept in Pakistan and is bit old in the western countries. If you have not booked your first ride on Careem or Uber in Pakistan, I would recommend you to do it when you next feel the need to hire a cab. Reason is plain and simple, careem and uber charge you much better rates as compared to conventional taxis in Pakistan.

How to Get Free Balance/Rides on Sign Up?

Just installing the app and sign will NOT get any Free balance or rides on both Careem and Uber. Key here is to always use an invitation code, when you signup using the invitation code, in both Careem and Uber you will get tremendous discounts in your first one to three rides. Like careem gives you free balance to be used in first ride and Uber gives you first ride totally free when you signup using the invitation code.

Where to get Invitation Code?
Well no problem if you don’t have one, let me give you the invite codes for both uber and careem.


Careem Invitation Code

Just install the Careem app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and use the invitation code KHURRAMS190 while entering your signup information. Its important to spell the invitation code correctly.


Uber Invitation Code

Again in case of Uber install the uber app from your relevant app store and use the invitation code khurrams2607ui while while putting in the sign up information. Discount will automatically be applied when you take your first ride, it will be absolutely free. Also in order to avail the discount on uber make sure to take your first ride within 90 days of signup/installing the app.

Also do bookmark this page, we will be adding links to more discount details which Careem and Uber usually keep offering on day to day bases. Have a good one for now.

Careem and Uber Revolution in Pakistan, why was it needed

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This is really true that the technology can do lots of good and lots of bad but does not want to do any good or any bad but it takes human beings to use it for good or worse. Fast forwarding to, there is no way someone does not know why the uber or Careem were needed in Pakistan, the answer is right there. So heads, up there is an obvious answer and than there is something more to it.

Obvious is the unregulated cab market of Pakistan, where all the cabbies were free to charge you whatever they want. So when the private transport is not available people had no other option but to accept the highly unjustifiable fares called out by those cabbies or taxi drivers. Or travel in public transport, which is on its lowest point in terms of all aspects of it. The vehicle quality, the time it takes to travel from point A to point B and suffering etc, no heating or cooling in vehicles and lots more. Oh, we are drifting away, back to cabs. So those cabbies calling their own prices, for the worst ride and with no other option available to travelers, today believe me, when your own private transport is not available, the Careem and Uber are heaven.

What you get by traveling in them are, standardized fairs, good traveling conditions, the heating and cooling, much better cars. Ease of calling cab from wherever you are, without the hassle of thinking of getting out and searching of one. It is win win situation.

There is an reason I have mentioned the tech on start, oh I am not talking about the obvious one, the other one, which is regulating the normal cabs was the responsibility of government, they have to regulate their condition and fair too. But they failed but somehow, now tech or technology have filled in, now we are no more dependent on government, process is now lead by tech. Tech have now implemented the price regulation and those high price calling cabbies are being forced to get down to reasonable fairs.

Good thing for those old cabbies is they can register their own same old cabs with the new Careem and Uber, and still be on work, but in a way which forces them to charge reasonably. Most of them were just drivers who did not owned those old taxis, so i am seeing the shift, some of them moving towards driving new cars, instead of rotten old FX and Mehran right from the stone age.

Even the Investors/owners of those old vehicles will ultimately opt-in to purchase better vehicles and do away with those very old cars from 70s and 80s. So we are seeing the shift which resulted in betterment in overall cab market. There is good for all in it, the investors, the drivers and the travelers.

Specially, most amazing aspect is, where government failed to regularize the fairs for whatever reason, the technology not only just did that but resulted in better travel conditions for the travelers.

Its funny how I have been calling the names of Careem and Uber together above, they are after all competitors, but the thing is the arrival of these ride hailing services is Pakistan shaped things for better, for everyone.

Now that they have lessened the burden of government, by standardizing the things from ride booking to fair calculation and regularization, I strongly hope that government does not try stop them but they are welcome to set up the rules and regulations necessary.

Careem, Uber and any future ride hailing services, you are welcome in Pakistan. Thumbs Up. And at the end of it this not, NOT by any chance the paid content, this is what my heart genuinely feel about these new kind of services.