#QandeelBaloch trends number one on twitter after being murdered

After the media reports the news of Qandeel Baloch being murdered by her brother, she is now trending number one on twitter in Pakistan trends. Most of tweets are in sympathy and about her being human and she must not have been murdered. Following are few examples #QandeelBaloch dies today. She wasn’t killing or harming anyone. She doesn’t deserve this. Who’s honor gets protected? Shame. #RIP — Hina Safdar (@hinasafi) July 16, 2016 Apart from what she did wrong; she had a life, she wanted to live, she had complete right to live her life she had dreams.. #QandeelBaloch — E (@__eshu__) July 16, 2016 Whatever personal opinions people had on #QandeelBaloch – there is no justification for murder. Her […]