National Assembly denies 530 Percent increase in President’s Salary

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The ruling party moved a bill recently in National Assembly, bill called for the humongous increase of 530% in salary of President of Pakistan. However, the opposition stood tall against the bill, saying the federal government is proving to be unable to pay salaries to the teachers on government non permanent contract, how can they justify this salary increase after this.

Current President Mamnoon Hussain during a one to one meetingThe current salary for President of Pakistan is 133,333, which government was hoping to rev up to 846,550 through this bill. Last time president’s salary had been increased back in 2004 from previous 80,000.

This is however difficult to understand why government thought a humongous increase of 713,217 Rs (550%) is needed, specially when they are being revealed of all duties in just couple of days. This move should have been take either much earlier, they should have waited for next term to start and whoever would have been in power, would have dealt with this.

In my personal opinion this increase of 530% is some what justified after seeing the fact that salary was not increased for last 14 years. But than it comes to mind, why not gradual raised were given every year, instead of this, also by that logic, why the president which came in between had to work on those old set wages.

While rejecting the bill opposition added that we respect the president of the country but already billions are being spent on presidency, why this huge appraisal is needed. Some added the salary president must be tied to the salary of a Grade 22 officer and all appraisals must be given according to that.

Zardari to initiate several short term power generation projects in Sindh

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Apparently very much into the third year of Pakistan Peoples Party in government, Mr. Zardari finally thought something about treating the power shortage situation in the country. So he have recently advised the authorities of Sindh to start getting bids for several energy projects in Sindh, which will serve the province’s power needs. These projects will start as part of Sindh’s electricity generation policy and will be completed with in 12 to 18 months.

Now question is electricity problems were there since beginning, why Mr. Zardari didn’t thought of doing something as soon as he came in power. Doesn’t it look like some kind of popularity stunt before the next elections?, which are not more far away now then just two years. Apparently the whole situation makes it look like a desperate popularity stunt of Pakistan Peoples Party before next elections. Consider this, Power generations projects are being started in Sindh and Sindh is province which is vote bank of Pakistan Peoples Party. Moreover, power projects will be complete in just 12 to 18 months, apparently it would be before elections so party can base elections campaign on base of them.

Leave aside the motives, whether they are positive or not, but one thing I am happy with is finally some projects being thought of which will in fact benefit the country and its people. Which is good thing in all its means. If Pakistan Peoples party wants to make it big, they will have to think some real big projects as well and may be also take some solid measure to eradicate the corruption from the country, which unfortunately seem to be each level, then they may have very good chance to come back in government in next elections.

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