Students demanding closure of all Educational Institutions in Pakistan while Trending Top on Twitter

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As the Covid-19 cases recently risen in Pakistan and also the related death toll, students are now demanding that their schools and universities must be closed. This includes the students of schools and colleges, as well as the student of universities. They demand that right now in the days of pandemic the best way to secure our future is to close down the educational institutions and save our health. If we are healthy, we can cover up on course materials later. Please see the following image where students have trended the topic of #Shutdownallinstitutions as well as #CloseFoundationUniCovid19.

Pakistani students want educational institutions closed

There are hundreds of universities in Pakistan even may be in thousands but the students of Foundation university have made their own trend on twitter in wake of Foundation University announcing exams in which obliviously every one will have to be available in person, unless otherwise in case of normal classes, online education route can be taken.

Being Parent of two school going kids, I personally think that at this current time the number one priority of Pakistani government should be to close down all educational institutions specially the schools to protect the health of our children. They can very well cover up on academics later on. Also, many schools like school of my kids already have everything they need, setup for online classes, with the Microsoft team accounts setup for every student. So that route must be taken instead. Or even hold on for while where such things not possible.

Federal Government of Pakistan is all set to decide on this matter on 23rd of Nov, in just two days, I hope that they make a sane decision and let students sit and study at home for a while, instead of risking their health and in turn their future.

I am the huge advocate of education and education of highest level for everyone without compromise, however there are things which are more important and health is one of those few things. Govt of Pakistan should also acknowledge this is decide soon on closure of Schools, colleges and universities across the country.

WHO Warns Pakistan about the Still Opened Schools after Covid-19’s Second Wave

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A representative of World Health Organization (WHO) in Islamabad have warned Pakistan government about schools still being open, in wake of rising cases of Covid-19. According to details, its been recommended to Pakistan govt to make a decision faster on closing down the schools, as schools are major gatherings source at this time, which can be fatal in terms of spreading the Corona Virus.

A Pakistani Classroom with Children

Concern here is that children at schools, due to being young and having good ammune system, may not show many symptoms but they can surely be a source of transmission to their elder family members, which may be more prone to the affect of the disease.

Government of Pakistan is all set to make a decision about closing the school or keeping them open on 23rd Nov. Idea being discussed is to give early and longer winter holidays and to compensate for lost time, in summers schools will be kept closed only for one month as summer holidays as compared to usual 3 months time period.

As far as I have heard and me being a parent of school going children can tell you that, at this point parent are also most concerned about the still opened schools and want the online classes to resume instead to kids going to school.

Though at this time according to the govt regulations, each class in each school have been devided in two groups. Only one group goes to school on any given day, making each group to go to school on alternating day. So, for some schools Monday to Thursday it is school day, in which each group gets to go to school two times and than Friday is the ‘online class’ day, in which all the children are available to take the class.