Pak Suzuki announces plant closure days amid import restrictions

As we know the economy of Pakistan is under great stress due to shortage of US Dollars in reserves. Same is the reason government is involved in kind of rationing of dollars. They are taking all kinds of drastic steps to overcome or at least slow down the outflow of dollars from Pakistan. This includes epic import restrictions and the things which are allowed to be imported are taxed heavily. Due to the same import restrictions the vehicle manufacturers of Pakistan are facing hard time in importing (Completely Knocked Down) CKD car kits, to be exact due to inability to open Letter of Credit (LC) with banks. So due to inability to import CKD kits and the shortage of same […]

Suzuki Pakistan opens bookings of Swift GLX-CVT for limited time only

There are many global and local factors due to which the car manufactures here in Pakistan are not able to work on full capacity. These factors include global chip shortage and restrictions world over due to covid pandemic. The local factors are bans and limits imposed by state bank of Pakistan on imports of completely knocked down (CKD) kits of cars by manufacturers. Also ever changing in value and highly volatile Pakistani currency comes up as a hurdle where banks struggle to open the Line of Credit (LC) on any specific rate for the car manufacturers. So, to sum it all up, the car manufacturers are able to come up with limited stock. Pak Suzuki is also facing same issues […]