Fines on the Pakistan Motorways increased significantly

A significant increase in the fines on Pakistani motorways have been announced. The new fines will be applicable from 1st of October 2023. Usually the traffic violation fines in Pakistan are very low in amount as compared to other countries. Sometimes amounts are so low that people do not care about them. The higher fines will mean that people will be more careful and will tend to follow the laws more often. In my personal opinion, instead of increasing the toll tax, motorway police should try to increase their revenue by increasing these fines. So I personally think this increase in fines on motorways, is good, as existing fine amount are too low in case of many violations. Details of […]

Islamabad Lahore Motorway M2 Toll Tax amount increased

Islamabad Lahore Motorway Toll Taxes Increased

National Highways Authority (NHA) have increased the toll tax rates of motorway M2, the motorway which connects Islamabad to Lahore. The new rates have took effect immediately on August 25, 2023. The new rates are as follows. Vehicle Types End to End Amount Per KM Rate (Rs) Cars, Jeeps & Pickups Rs. 1100 3.07 Vans Rs. 1840 5.15 Coasters Rs. 2590 7.22 Coaches Rs. 3690 10.29 Trucks Rs. 4800 13.39 Trailers Rs. 6170 17.22 People are already not happy with how deterioration in the local currency and other factors are resulting in the increase in fuel prices. Which results in overall increase in the travel and transportation costs. This new increase in the toll taxes will further add to the […]

Roadmap from Islamabad to Khewra, Map from Lahore to Khewra

Are you planning a round trip to Khewra from anywhere in Pakistan? Well this map will help you reach the correct place. So don’t forget to take a print with you. From Islamabad or Lahore you can use three ways. – First the motorway M2 then exit from motorway at Kalar Kahar interchange and follow the Map to the Khewra Salt Mines. – Second get on Islamabad to Lahore GT road, exit the GT road from Mandara, go to Chakwal and follow the Map to Khewra. Its about 40 KM from Chakwal. – Third Exit the Islamabad Lahore GT road at Jehlam and follow the Map to Khewra Salt Mines. If you are going from Islamabad, use First or Second […]