Supreme court took notice of electricity price hike whereas the petrol and electricity prices hike challenged in Lahore High Court

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry along with two other members of bench took notice of recent electricity price increase. He asked government to submit the details of tariff to the court, further more he mentioned that the poorest of poor have been badly affected by the recent blunt power price hike from Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) led Government of Pakistan. On other hand an advocate, Masiur Rahman Chaudhry have filled a petition against the electricity and petroleum prices increase by government of Pakistan in Lahore High Court (LHC). According to Advocate Masiur Rahman the prices of petroleum prices are lowering all over the world, so its illegal to increase the price of petroleum products in Pakistan at this […]

Heavy increase in electricity unit prices have jolted the nation

Government on Monday announced new tariff of electricity. This was not just another price adjustment or something, it was so sharp increase that it have jolted the nation. Specially for people who are using units between 100 and 300 units per month, the increase was 210%. As their benefit of previous slab was withdrawn and new price set was above 12 rupees from just 5 rupees per unit. Similarly for people who are using electricity 300 to 450, the increase was 120%. The worst thing government have done along with tariff increase was withdrawing the previous slab benefits. Here is the example, for first 100 units electricity is cheaper, then there is another higher price for 100 to 300. So […]

NEPRA approved Rs. 5.80 per unit increase in Power charges and amount under review by Ministry of Electric and Power Pakistan

Recently the National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) shocked the nation as soon as it approved the Rs. 5.80 increase in Power tariff. As soon as ministry got the recommendation by the authority, they have decided not to fully put the load at people at the time. So the new price is under review. Electricity rates will still increase but they may not be sudden increase of Rs. 5.80. Now this increase is under review by Ministry of water and power, they may decide to hold back a portion of this increase and save people from further problems. Increase is now on fully discretion of ministry of power and water Pakistan. This increase was very unfair by NEPRA when […]