Here is, how to get registered for free Govt led Corona Virus Vaccination in Pakistan

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Currently Corona Virus free vaccination registration process is open for every Pakistani who is 50 years old or above. To get registered for free govt administered COVID-19 or Corona Virus vaccination in Pakistan, you can register yourself by following just one of following two ways:

  1. You can send your CNIC Number to 1166 from your cell phone. OR
  2. You can go over to and fill a form which ask for your CNIC number and your phone number.

After you have registered yourself for vaccination, if you are between the ages of 50 to 64, you need to wait for SMS through which you will be communicated about which Vaccine Center you have to visit for your vaccination and also when you have to do it. However, anyone who is 65 years old or above, they do not need to wait, after just sending the SMS they can walk into any vaccination center and get themselves vaccinated.

You can bookmark this post with you or save the link with you somewhere safe, we will keep on updating it, as the government allows more age groups to get registered for COVID 19 Vaccination.

Vaccination of People of 50 to 59 age Group Starts on 21st April 2021 in Pakistan

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Currently Pakistan is way behind when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination. However, government have now announced that people of age group 50 to 59 will also be able to get vaccinated from 21st of April 2021. Earlier, only people aged 60 and above are able to get vaccinated.

According to current setting people of age 60 and above have to get registered by sending their CNIC number to a govt provided SMS number 1166 and than they are called for vaccination when its their turn. However, people of age 70 and above can walk into any COVID-19 vaccination facility and get vaccinated.

Now this new group will also be able to enroll for free vaccination by government by sending their CNIC number to 1166 and when their turn comes they will be notified of vaccination center and timings via SMS.

Pakistan government have also allowed private importers to import the COVID vaccines on their own, so that the process of vaccination can be accelerated. Already, many private hospitals are injecting COVID vaccines.

Overall, however Pakistan is way behind the world when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination. Things need to be accelerated so that significant portion of population can be vaccinated soon. Currently vaccinated population of Pakistan is still under 1% overall.