Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad (Video/Details)

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Pakistan Museum of Natural History is situated near Shakarparian Islamabad. It is one of those places, there is a chance you would have passed from nearby but not have thought whats inside. Basically, it just looks like a govt building from outside but when you decide to inside, you wounder, why didn’t you visited earlier.

Skulls, bones and statues of many animals can be found inside. Specially the full body bones of big elephant, very big juraph and big blue whale can be found inside, in form of full body bones statue or skeleton. Similarly multiple statues are dinosaurs are there inside, which are motorized, they move and make noises.

Real Skeleton of a Huge size Blue Whale at Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad

There are lots of geological models of Pakistan’s geological sites are there, inside the museum, one such example is of full geological model of Khewra salt range and salt mines of Pakistan. Than statues, skeletons and models of large quantity of Pakistani animals can be found inside. Models or different kind of trees, lots of pictures and charts of different plants and animals are hung on the walls.

Dinosaur Model and Pictures at Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad

Samples of different kind of precious stones which can be mined from Pakistan are displayed in the museum. Than oils of different kind along with the plants from which these oils are extracted are displayed. Also big charts of our milky way galaxy, layers of core of earth and many other scientific charts and pictures are displayed in real big size.

Kids Posing in Front of an informative chart about Layers of Life in and around Ocean

Than there is full separate hall for displaying life under the sea, this hall have big skeletons of fishes, big models which are meters long, real samples of food of fishes and even there is an aquarium housing the alive fishes.

There is lots of history and science displayed for you there, which can’t all be described in words. So I recommend that you watched the Youtube video embedded at top of this post and secondly you should visit this place yourself and see all of those multiple halls on multiple floors of that big Pakistan Museum of Natural History.

Neela Sandh Picnic Spot – Islamabad’s Very Own Waterfall

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It will sure be very surprising to even the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi that outskirts of Islamabad actually host a waterfall and adjoined natural swimming pools. This Waterfall runs throughout the year. Not only this, this is very beautiful place.

Neela Sandh Islamabad Pakistan is a picnic spot which is worth visiting, not only this, this is only 38 KM away from mainstream Islamabad city which is only about 55 Minutes drive. But as soon as you reach there, you will realize, you have been missing a very beautiful natural phenomenon in your backyard. As far as exact location is concerned, sit back and relax, we have got you covered today with pics, videos and maps. We will even be updating this page with more material, so make sure to bookmark it.

Now, first have a look on these few videos of Neela Sandh Picnic Spot.

Not only this Neela Sandh Picnic Point actually comprises of two identical water falls, each one have its on natural swimming pool. One waterfall on top and swimming pool is used by guy only visitors and other one is for families where normally women are seen swimming.

If you ever end up visiting there, make sure you use life jacket while swimming, as water is deep enough and it can be very risky to swim there without a life jacket.

Rest assured, this place must be visited at least once only for its sheer beauty, though this place is not very well known to people of Islamabad or rest of country. I guess that is also the reason, that its beauty and magic is very well protected up till now. As we humans have a tendency to ruin the natural beauty for different kind of gains.

Islamabad to Neela Sandh Road Map

As far as map is concerned, the spot is situated on well known Letrar Road of Islamabad Pakistan which starts on Islamabad express way or can also be accessed from Chak Shahzad (now called Shahzad Town) side.

Update: Previously, we just had the map screenshot from below, now I have also shot a video to explain the exact location of the spot on google maps, so do check out this video.

And following is the Neela Sandh location map screenshot from earlier, though above video provides more detailed info, I will just keep the screenshot for someone who is real hurry.

The google maps screenshot shows you the way from G6/F6 sectors Islamabad to Neela Sandh. You can also choose to enter on the Lehtrar road (which eventually takes you to Neela Sandh) from Islamabad Expressway.

Neela Sandh Pictures

Neela Sandh is definitely breathtaking destination for a weekend and for getting fresh. And to explore a new waterfall in Islamabad’s own backyard. Following are few pics.

Neela Sandh Water Fall

People Under Neela Sandh Water Fall
People Under Neela Sandh Water Fall

Neela Sand Water Fall and Bridge

Neela Sandh Sign Board

Neela Sandh Deep Water Caution

Neela Sandh People Enjoying

Scenery On Way to Neela Sandh

Now there is only one thing left to say. Go and enjoy the great waterfall and adjoining pools in the backyard of Islamabad Pakistan. Remember, Place is also called “Neela Sandh Picnic Point”.